Don't Relinquish Your Masculinity

Something that is probably bothering many men around the globe, and in a way that is difficult to accurately identify, is the way gender is becoming a flashpoint in modern society, and how this gradual emasculation further ostracizes those of us who subscribe to older schools of thought. 

With the recent firing of a Google employee for pointing out the inability of that organization to admit that people may be different, and with the Australian Army now putting a temporary hold on the recruitment of men for many positions, we are seeing a stunning example of those men amongst us being dammed to the "not fit for society" bin. 

The left are trying to, and succeeding in, having their cake and eating it to. Their position is contradictory (at best) and the way they approach life issues is quite accurately summed up with two main points, at least when it comes to diversity. 

1. Everyone is equal, and everyone can do any job, and no matter what, we are all fit for the job. 

2. Everyone is not equal, and to make it fair, we need to ensure that we employ a wide range of people to provide equality in the work force. 

This argument is flawed to its very core. To counter the first point, everyone is not equal. Fact. The differences between genders, and how that pertains to job selection, has been well explored. Most people are NOT fit, for most jobs, and when it comes to the task of taking life, the emphasis should not be on meeting a quota, but on selecting those willing and able to do the job. 

To counter the second point, the same argument can be used. When it comes to the business of taking life, and fighting a war, all is not fair. It's hard, it's brutal, and the best come out on top. To put people in that role, simply to satisfy some leftist dream of "equality", is shameful. Not only does it put those recruited to fill quotas at risk, but also endangers the lives of those around them. 

Equality has many fine points, and in society in general, it can help us advance. But in the business of war, the only thing that matters is having the best person for the job. Plain and simple. 

The inability of those on top of the layer cake to see this can be frustrating in the extreme. For the men out there, where the metal meets the meat, inane decisions made in a board room can have devastating consequences in real life. And, unfortunately, there isn't a lot that can be done from the position many of us find ourselves in. 

For all the men out there who are despairing at the way the world is going, it's time to spit on your hands, and hoist the black flag. With the changes we are seeing all around the world, it is almost certain that times are about to get hard. Because, as the saying goes, good times make weak men. Weak men make hard times. Hard times make strong men. Strong men make good times. And thanks to the strength of men who charged machine guns in far off countries only to return home as villains, the strength of men who thought nothing of enduring incredible privations to ensure their brothers were ok, the hard times are coming, and coming fast. 

It is about to go south, and with the inability we have to change the course of the ship, it's time to brace for impact, and be ready for the societal upheaval that is building. 

"Manliness, in it's purest form, is nothing if not restrained aggression. That is why philosophers praise self control. Because it evidences control over our base instincts. To be a man is to be five seconds away from killing someone."

Don't relinquish your masculinity.