News Digest

Australia (aka Kangoostan)

'There are too many laws': Sudanese mother says troubled migrant youths are confused by Australia's legal system

An openly gay Imam is hoping to Australia’s first LGBT-friendly mosque within the next year


Citizens urged to gather food supplies in case of a war with Russia


Government moving to censor information under the excuse of fighting "fake news"

France (aka Radasstan)

Two Paris police officers, who risked their lives to save children from a burning apartment, were attacked and stoned by a mob when they emerged from the blaze carrying the children in their arms


Playboy Feature Transgender Model On Cover For First Time

German public television channel aimed at 3-13 years olds, promoting a 16-year old German female relationship with a 19-year old Syrian male

Germany Must Come to Terms With Refugee Crime


Russian historian who exposed Stalin's crimes faces enforced psychiatric testing


New penis whitening trend

United Kingdom (aka Kuntistan)

Essex woman dies waiting 4 hours for ambulance

Leeds University Union hiring thought police

Teens are tired of liberal parents

United States

Muslims to become US second largest religious group by the year 2040, says new research

Survey about diversity and inclusion in the open source community done by the Mozilla Corporation

Sex robots will make men (not women) obsolete

Black unemployment in America is the lowest since 1972

Climate Change May Have Helped Spark Iran’s Protests

Residents told to keep garage doors open or face $200 fine in California

Democrats to introduce 'Stable Genius Act' requiring presidential candidates to take mental exam

Google managers kept blacklists of conservative employees and one manager considered holding 'trials,' a new lawsuit alleges

New York City sues 5 major oil companies, claiming they contributed to global warming

Police forced to remove ‘racially offensive’ photo over common game sign

Man banned from airline after harassment allegation

People in San Francisco are spending up to $60 dollars to drink untreated water