News Digest: Sverikistan

Sweden (aka Sverikistan)

Swedish member of the European Parliament Gunnar Hökmark criticizing the silence of the European left regarding the violent dictatorship from Iran

The Swedish press after the foreign minister of Sweden Margot Wallström declared that it is wrong for a country to intervene to support the protests in Iran

Seminar at Stockholm University to help the LGBT community cause chaos among heterosexuals with the help of Satan (funded by the taxpayers of Sweden)

Increased security in Swedish schools to face cultural enrichment now requires the use of access cards

School in Skurups that offers free Swedish lessons to immigrants spreading Islamic terrorist propaganda

Explosion at the subway station in Vårby

Left leaning feminists complain about right wing populist feminism

A campaign started by a Romanian named Paul Pascalau (born in Sweden) in order to support the composer Alexander Bard (feminists gathered over 10.000 signatures and accused Alexander of racism and xenophobia and are trying to get him fired from TV4)

Attacks with explosives, shootings and home invasions doubled in 2017

Police in Malmö to install sensors that detect shots fired by a firearm in response to cultural enrichment

Sweden ordered by European Court to not deport Moroccan terrorist suspect deemed a national security threat on the basis he may face torture in his home country

Out of control shootings now a political crisis

Feminist urban planning will help women move more freely

Sweden has the longest waiting times in Europe for healthcare

The former head of police in southern region, Annika Stenberg, has been rewareded with a new job after being fired for incompetence. The Government has appointed her as new Director General of the Swedish Companies Registration Office

Prime Minister of Sweden, referring to the al-Fatah terrorist movement with the name "our sister party, Fatah."