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In yet another lapse of judgement, Juncker wants the U.K. to rejoin the EU after Brexit... [click here for news story]

Canada (aka Cuckistan)

The turd tells Hamilton City Hall that Canadians can feel safe among returning DAESH/ISIS fighters... [click here for news story]

Margaret Atwood, a known hardcore feminist author, had the audacity (can you believe it) to say that those accused of sexual misconduct deserve due process... The result? Hysteria and abuse from feminists... [click here for news story]

If your organization is pro-life, you will not longer be getting any subsidy from the federal government to create summer jobs... Only those who agree with the Liberals' agenda and narrative are deserving of taxpayers' cash. [click here for news story]


Danish Police charges over 1,000 people for merely sharing a sex video on Facebook. [click here for news story]

France (aka Radasstan)

France's Minister of Culture wants the entertainment industry to get involved to support migrants (as if France didn't have enough migrants as it is.) [click here for news story]


Some good old-fashioned male bashing, German-style. [click here for news article]

The EU is allowing private corporation to access the finances of all individuals, so corporations such as Google, Amazon, etc... will know how you spend your money, or how much money you have left... [click here for news story]


Those who help illegal immigration will be punished (rather than rewarded as it is the case in the rest of Europe.) [click here for news story]

Sweden (aka Sverikistan)

When women are in charge... Another epic fail with the most expensive hospital in the world (Karolinska in Stockholm), now reaching 6 billion Euros, and where a simple door costs 100,000 Euros... [click here for news story]

Stunning crime statistics in Sweden for 2017... [click here for news story]

Somali mothers from Rinkeby complaining that their children are dying because of gang violence... [click here for news story]

A great tragedy: 15 feminist and marxist newspapers will go under as they will no longer receive government subsidies (even feminists can't cope with reading their crap.) [click here for news story]

Another act of terror in Malmö: This time, a bomb went off at the local police station of Rosengård. [click here for news story]

...And another explosion in Malmö. [click here for news story]

...And more shootings in Östermalm. [click here for news story]

The ever increasing violence in Sweden is not related to out of control immigration according to the left... But it is caused by... Racism, the far right, and conservative ideas... [click here for news story]

The 4th Reich at work: If you have the wring political views, you will be excluded from academia. [click here for news story]

Finnish has historically and traditionally been the second language of Sweden for centuries. Well, no more. It is now Arabic. [click here for news story]

The Netherlands

Another European country falling into fascism and going after its own people. If you are a suspect in Rotterdam, Police can confiscate your clothes and jewelry with no due process whatsoever. I guess the state needs to find a way to finance immigration. [click here for news story]

United Kingdom (aka Kuntistan)

As the NHS crisis continues to worsen, bringing the United Kingdom at the level of its former colonies when it comes to healthcare, medical students are urged to... volunteer. Ah! The joys of having women in charge! Wasting resources they don't have on migrants, but incapable of handling their own people... [click here for news story]

Opera "Carmen" gets a new ending to stop violence against women. [click here for news story]

There's a new trend being promoted across Britain, and of course particularly on the BBC, called "colourism". It consists of promoting everything that isn't white, and pissing on everything that is white. Don't want to dick any of these homely chicks!??!? You racist!!!!! [click here for news story]

Woman smears her menstrual fluids (made of cervical mucus, vaginal secretions, endometrial tissue and blood) all over her face to address stigma over periods (What? you don't enjoy a mix of blood and waste? You sexist homophobic racist!! [click here for news story]

Adolescence (among the clinically retarded, aka the bulk of the British population) starts and 10 and continues until... 24. [click here for news article]

United States

Saying yes to a sexual encounter, and happily taking part in it, is now sexual assault, because the dumb cunt decided, several decades later, that she only said yes because... it was easier than saying no... And she attributes this to the patriarchy and outdated gender norms... [click here for news story]

According to yet another clinically retarded regressive liberal (with the job title of "gender studies coordinator"), the "logic of meritocracy" (as in stuff based on merit rather than vagina or skin color) is ... "fundamentally racist"... [click here for news story]

"New California" declares independence from California and seeks to become 51st state... [click here for news story]

California Attorney General has decided that employees who cooperate with the Feds on immigration matters will be... prosecuted... [click here for news story]

Merit is white privilege... Math professor claims that merit-based classrooms are a "tool of whiteness" that oppress minority students... [click here for news story] And if you want to get an aneurysm, you can read the dumb cunt actual paper here.

The majority of people will know decide what is real news or not... Not facts... [click here for news story]

Google has made secret deals with various Regressive Liberal Fascist organizations in order to silence opinions that don't fit their narrative. [click here for news story]


Socialism for you: Starving mob beats cattle with rocks in desperate search for food. [click here for news story]