Christian Genocide

Mohammed* is an indigenous, Eastern Aramaic-speaking, ethnic Chaldean of Iraq. Along with Syriac and Assyrian, he is part of one of the oldest continuous Christian communities in the world. His folks, the People of Mesopotamia, have been on the land for the last 7,000 years, well before the Arabs came from Jazeera (Saudi Arabia today), and well before Islam took over Iraq. 

As a Christian in Iraq, he is not allowed to proselytize, and Muslims who convert to Christianity face the death penalty. He has no freedom of religion. He faces, along with the other Christians of Iraq, persecution and even genocide. Christians in Iraq have indeed gone from a population of 1.5 millions to just 450,000 in only 10 years. In 2008, the Bishop of the Chaldean Catholic Church, Paulos Faraj Rahho, was even kidnapped and executed. At this point, the very existence of the Chaldean Church in Iraq, together with 2,000 years of Christian history and heritage, is under threat.

A few years ago, DAESH/ISIS took over his town, and with it, came widespread destruction and increased oppression and persecution. Girls and women were seized into sexual slavery, boys and men were indoctrinated into radical Islam and forced to fight against allied forces. With no support or assistance from Iraq, a state that has always persecuted his people, and faced with forced Islamization or torture and death, he gathered everything he had to pay for a trip to Sweden, in order to seek Asylum.

Sweden, however, has no interest in actually protecting people from persecution unless they are Muslim. The Nordic country does indiscriminately grant asylum or residency to any Muslim showing up at its border, despite the dire socio-economic cost to the country, including progressive Islamization of its cities, ballooning crime rates, or the need to borrow 10 million kroner an hour to accommodate the unstoppable flow of Islamic migrants. Sweden even welcomes back DAESH/ISIS fighters who have raped, tortured, and executed Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, Swedish, and American service members and citizens. But Sweden will not assist those very people who are not only truly fleeing persecution, but whose culture is far more compatible with that of a Nordic country. Sweden will simply just not accept Christian asylum seekers, even if one million of them have been the subject of a genocide so far.

After over 2 years of endless procedures, during which time he would not receive a work permit, health services or family reunion, unlike the Muslim asylum seekers, Mohammed was faced with two choices: deportation or agreeing to voluntary return.

Like tens of thousands of other Chaldean, he picked the second option: Sweden's way to discreetly send Christians back to Iraq to their death, so the feminist government may pursue the relentless Islamization of the country, as well as annihilation of their culture and history. 

* Mohammed is not a real name. It was changed in order to protect the identity of the individual in this story, so he would not face beheading for talking with us.