Meet Miranda Dyck

Photo Credit: Miranda Dyck Twitter account ( @mldyck )

Photo Credit: Miranda Dyck Twitter account (@mldyck)

Miranda Dyck is a text book example of the debilitating effects of regressive liberalism on the brain, similar to that of Bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), slowly depriving the victim of the most basic brain functions, including critical thinking. A less known symptom of regressive liberalism is the devastating effects on the soul, and how the condition turns people into horrible and despicable human beings.

Self-righteous Miranda Dyck decided to engage in keyboard warfare and to harass everyone who contributed to a FundMe campaign to help Gerald Stanley, a farmer defending his land and family against an armed, threatening and trespassing individual, with his legal fees. 

Gerald Stanley was acquitted in a court of law, but Miranda Dyck, and a handful of other sick parties, decided that the farmer defending his family and land against a dangerous intruder was racism. It is very difficult to attempt to explain how Miranda Dyck came to that conclusion, because there is absolutely no factual basis for it. She also went as far as claiming that the jury acquitting Gerald Stanley did so out of racism. Again, there is no ground whatsoever for such claim. Miranda Dyck is simply demonstrating a level of cognitive dissonance rarely seen outside of regressive liberalism ailments. 

By publicly, and falsely, referring to Gerald Stanley's supporters as racist, Miranda Dyck did more than gratuitously harass people otherwise minding their own business, and exercising their right of conscience protected under Article 18 of the Canada Charter of Rights and Freedoms. She defamed them, a crime under Section 298(1) of the Canada Criminal Code

Yet, when a few of these people responded to her false and ludicrous accusations, she went on the CBC (Cunts Broadcasting Cunts, formerly known as the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) to claim... Harassment!

In addition to her glorious demonstration of cognitive dissonance associated with the decay of brain functions, Miranda Dyck also showed to the world how horrible of a human being she is, and thus, the decay of the soul directly linked to regressive liberalism diseases. 

Besides harassing, defaming, and attempting to deprive people of their constitutional rights, and then claiming victimization, Miranda Dyck also contacted various employers to demand that they fire anyone and everyone supporting Gerald Stanley for racism and hatred (with Pioneer Co-op in Saskatchewan acting on her request). Miranda Dyck willfully, and maliciously, went out of her way so the life of many Canadians, their family, and their children, would be destroyed. For merely having an opinion and exercising their fundamental right to freedom of conscience. 

The extent of cognitive dissonance, intolerance, and hatred demonstrated by Miranda Dyck, enabled by mainstream media, should be a cause for grave concern for any Canadian. History has shown us that this type of societal decay never ends well. It is invariably the precursor of states ultimately engaging in oppression and genocide of their own people, leading to hundreds of millions of deaths as we have seen with communism and fascism. 

What's next for Canadians who dare express an opinion? Death camps?