How to Destroy a Man

As males, we can no longer even debunk the Shield Maiden myth, refer to biological differences between genders, or question the suitability of women in combat, without being censored by social media, socially stigmatized, and eventually accused of some sort of abuse or harassment.

At the same time, institutionalized hatred against men has been normalized, embraced, and promoted, with publications such as "How to Destroy a Man Now - A Handbook", by a vile cunt who couldn't even use her real name and goes by Angela Confidential, being actively promoted on Facebook and sold across the world on mainstream commerce platforms such as Amazon.

Rather than go over the content of that work of hatred, which would have been banned with criminal consequences for the author should it have referred to women rather than men, we thought it would be best to for you to realize its toxicity of the book by reading it.

So, we are making "How to Destroy a Man Now - A Handbook" publicly available on our servers in Iceland, beyond the reach of North American and European courts, for free and without any compensation for the author, on the basis the handbook constitutes hatred propaganda against males, and as such, is not worth our enforcement of intellectual property rights.