"Asatru" Toxicity


On 19 April 2018, one of our bros made history by receiving a religious accommodation for a Norse Pagan beard from the U.S. Army. We proudly posted in short order a copy of the memo issued by his command on our various social media platforms, with a reach of over 750,000 users on one Facebook account only.

What ensued, however, was the worst social media backlash in the history of our organization: 76 death threats, thousands of despicable comments, and hundreds of people removed. Christians you may think? Nope. Primarily "Asatruars".

First, the "Asatruars" decided that the memo was fake, and that we had committed a felony by forging an official U.S. government document. No information we provided changed their views. They could have just contacted the signing officer to confirm authenticity. They did not and would not. As we all know, liberals, whom make the bulk of the demographics for Asatru organizations, are immune to facts. We received relentless messages and emails accusing us of being frauds and demanding that we remove the memo. It got so bad that within a few hours the U.S. Army asked that we pull out the memo from social media over the bad publicity it generated. We did not act on the U.S. Army request and advised them their request was not in the best interest of morale and had no legal basis.

Then, on 25 April 2018, the Army Times ran a story about our bro's accommodation, confirming the authenticity of the memo, and even interviewing U.S. Army officials on the matter. This was immediately followed by Fox News (which provided a better coverage as it didn't attempt to claim the beard wasn't part of Norse Pagan culture).

You would have thought mainstream media confirming the whole thing would have put the issue to rest. It didn't. The "Asatruars" went on the next keyboard offensive, now claiming that the beard wasn't... a Norse thing. That nothing in Norse paganism referred to beards, and that our bro was abusing the faith by applying and obtaining a religious accommodation for a beard.

Of course, had any "Asatruar" been even remotely familiar with various Old Norse texts, they would have known the prevalence and importance of the beard in Norse Paganism. Hel, had they simply clicked on the link we provided many times, with references to Konungsbók Eddukvæða, Íslendingasögur (Icelandic Sagas), including the very significant Njáls saga, but also Eyrbyggja saga as well as Færeyinga saga and Völsunga saga, and of course Jónsbók, Grágás and Guta Lag, they would have known that the Norse beard is a foundation of Norse Paganism. But as with the allegations of forgery, nothing we could say changed a thing. They had decided that the beard was not a Norse thing, and the rest of the world had to submit to their ignorant, bigoted, uneducated, oppressive bastardized and Christianized version of Norse Paganism. Or else.

Interestingly, and ironically, the behavior demonstrated by these "Asatruars" was more consistent with radical Islam and Christianity, than it was with Heathenry or Norse Paganism. While "Asatruars" claim the right to interpret our culture as they see fit, bastardizing and feminizing the old ways in such a fashion that they have turned Valhöll into a safe space for obese clinically retarded transgender pussies, "Asatruars" do not extend this flexibility to anyone else, and cannot even tolerate the slightest variation from their views. Anyone who dares questioning their feminized narrative is relentlessly harassed until silenced. A technique that was fairly typical of the Christian Spanish Inquisition and which has no place in non-organized faiths such as Heathenry. While "Asatruars" claim and promote tolerance, they demonstrate astonishing intolerance and bigotry.

"Asatruars" are also so influenced by Christianity that they have never been able to grow out of their Abrahamic paradigm, constantly trying to approach and view everything from a Christian perspective, expecting prohibitions and requirements as in the bible, and completely missing the essence and meaning of Norse Paganism, simply because it is not spelled out in plain English for the herd. Some "god" didn't order the flock of retards to grow a beard in plain English in some book written in Old Norse, so the "Asatruars" cannot even fathom the importance of the beard as a foundation of masculinity and Norse culture as demonstrated in the texts, history, culture and identity.

This day in history should have been embraced by all Heathens in the world, no matter how different their views of Forn Siðr or the Old Ways may have been. After all, a non-centralized and tribal approach to beliefs is a foundation of heathenry. Instead, this landmark decision was greeted with bitter and miserable bickering from a bunch of "Asatruars" whom would make our ancestors turn in their grave if it wasn't for them getting a Norse funeral (and therefore having their remains burnt on a ship).

"Asatru" is as toxic to Norse Paganism and true Heathenry as Christianity once was.