Profiling Vocal Opposition

Reviewing 10 years of extensive personal data, primarily provided by social media and publicly available open-source information, we were able to establish the two primary and distinct psychological profiles of our typical vocal detractors: The Emotionally-Driven Cognitively-Challenged Leftist and the Hatred-Driven Genetically Defective Supremacist.

Note that both profiles see us as threats to their very identity and gender-shortcomings and their actions are an ill-fated and unnatural response to said threat.

Photo Credit: The Babylon Bee

Photo Credit: The Babylon Bee


Gender: Both males and females. Each gender normally lacks the biological and fundamental characteristics of their specific gender, displaying instead features and behavior consistent with a neutral gender. Females are failing at being women, fixating instead on unsuccessfully trying to be men, while still being driven by overwhelming emotions. Males are failing at being men due to advanced levels of feminization inhibiting their natural instincts, self-loathing, and wanting to please women as their main strategy for breeding due to their inability to compete with alpha males.

National Origin: Primarily (67%) United States, followed by Commonwealth Countries (24%), and Sweden (8%).

Age Group: 16-24 (34%), 25-44 (44%), 45-65 (21%).

Race: Caucasian (95%).

Physical Features: Women tend to be obese (84%) and men tend to have underdeveloped muscle mass (91%). 64% are vegetarian or vegan.

Skills: No life, trade, or scientific skills typically, having focused on liberal degrees and education. Unable to fight. Unable (and unwilling) to hunt. Unable to survive without organized state. 

Family Situation: Single (79%). No children (82%).

Military Service: None in 91% of cases.

Criminal Record: No criminal record in 91% of the cases.

Income: Higher than average income with high quality of life.

Location: Urban and suburban, with primary living structure consisting of condos or semi-detached homes.

Driving Factors: Emotions, feminization, and intolerance. 

Ideology: Marxism, socialism, multiculturalism, and inclusion. The utopian belief that all cultures and genders are equal, can all reach the same achievements, and can co-exist peacefully sharing limited resources. Fierce "shield-maiden" supporters as well in the name of equality and inclusion. Highly intolerant (in the name of tolerance). Anti-gun. Pro-government.

Intellectual Capabilities: High levels of cognitive dissonance with critical analysis severely impeded by overly emotional and inherently illogical response to stimuli. Nevertheless use liberal degrees as symbol of their intelligence and knowledge. 

Modus Operandi: Rarely engage in debates as unable to demonstrate critical thinking or process facts and science. Quickly resorts to insults. First, attempt to socially stigmatize any dissenting voice as "racist", "homophobic", "nazi", "white supremacist", "hateful", "sexist" and "misogynistic". When this fails, attempts to silence dissenting voice by any mean possible, including false claims of "hatred", "bullying", or "harassment". When all fails, reverts to claims of "fake news", or accuses dissenting voice of being "fake" without fully comprehending the meaning or basis of their claims. 

In Practice: The emotionally-driven cognitively-challenged leftist will first be aroused by our position against the hunting of wolves (seeing us as tree huggers), our openness to homosexuality (seeing us as transgender and gay supporters), our lack of fixation on race (seeing us as multiculturalists), and opposition to organized religion (seeing is as atheists and/or "Asatruars"), assuming we are... liberal.

The realization that we hunt for food, strongly oppose the gay modern social construct and see transgenderism as a mental illness, our opposition to multiculturalism and Islam, and our embracing of traditional Norse Pagan ideology typically causes them emotional distress as their intellectual limitations, together with ideological polarization, do not allow them to even fathom the ideological concepts we embrace.

Final blow to their bubble typically occurs when it appears evident we oppose women in combat and actually demonstrate that "shield-maidens" were a myth. 

The first stage of interaction is an emotional break down with loss of reference to reality, facts or science, leading to hysteria, and pathetic attempts at expressing points without basis, which we swiftly and effectively disprove.

The second stage is insults relating to homophobia, racism, or sexism, as well as false reporting to social media platforms for harassment, "hatred", and "bullying". 

The third and last stage is attempts at attacking our credibility, often deceitfully taking information out of context to depict us as "White Supremacists", "gay bashers", or even "rapists", and when all else fails, as "fake". 

Security Risk: None


Gender: 94% are males (of which 66% are heavily influenced by females) who worship a romanticized version of women to the extent they often demonstrate conflictual male features, characteristics and expression, including a high incidence of repressed homosexuality. Interestingly, these men typically fail at being men, like the emotionally-driven cognitively-challenged Leftists, due to an unhealthy relationship with women impeding their natural instinct and fundamental male characteristics, as well as genetic, physical, and intellectual limitations. Unable to compete with alpha males for breeding as well, leading to high incidence of inbreeding or exceptionally low standards for women. 

National Origin: Primarily (76%) United States, followed by Commonwealth Countries (13%), and developing countries (10%)

Age Group: 16-24 (5%), 25-44 (64%), 45-65 (28%)

Race: Caucasian (81%), Hispanic (11%), and Asian (7%)

Physical Features: Shorter than average height, high incidence of obesity (88%), underdeveloped muscle mass (91%), lower than average IQ (with 34% with an IQ below clinical retardation threshold). 

Skills: Limited life and trade skills at a mediocre level. No scientific skills whatsoever, although supremacists are convinced they are smart and well versed in science. No education, rarely finished high school. Unable to fight without firearms or without advantage by numbers. May be able to hunt as long as they use firearms, motorized means, and have a marked advantage over the animal. Able to survive, albeit at a low standard, without organized state. Thrives on LARPing.

Family Situation: Married (82%). Children (94%). Higher than average number of children per household in 76% of the cases. Higher than average developmental issues in their children (32%).

Military Service: None in 62% of cases (often despite unsuccessful attempts at joining). Of the 38% with prior military service, none were in SOF units, 41% were dishonorably discharged, and 57% were in non-combat roles. 

Criminal Record: Criminal record in 62% of the cases, for a wide variety of offenses ranging from actual rape to robbery, theft, and fraud.

Income: Lower than average income with low quality of life, and in 52% of the cases, living conditions inconsistent with those of a developed country.

Location: Rural with primary living structures consisting of trailers

Driving Factors: Hatred, religious bigotry (typically Christianity, or repressed Christianity when claiming Paganism).

Ideology: Supremacy. The baseless belief that they are genetically superior intellectually and physically due to an alleged obscure racial purity that grants them the god-given right to eliminate anyone who doesn't meet their biased, and typically pathetic, standards of superiority. Highly homophobic with established correlation to repressed homosexuality. Fierce "shield-maiden" supporters as well but based on sexual fantasies and problematic relationships with their mother and father figures. Pro-gun. Anti-government. 

Intellectual Capabilities: Exceptionally high levels of cognitive dissonance with critical analysis entirely impeded by hatred, low IQ, and highly emotional response to stimuli.

Modus Operandi: Typically hide behind fake names (Germanic or Norse-oriented) and profiles to harass dissenting voices, with main tactics being based on transference, as in accusing dissenting voices of their own short comings, including deceit. Incapable of engaging in any form of debate or discussion as blinded by hatred, severe intellectual impediments and disabilities, with systematic reference to wild conspiracy theories with no basis in reality whatsoever. Quickly resort to insults as well, with an emphasis on homosexuality and Judaism. Eventually revert to claims of everything being "fake", taking it a step further to the level of wildly insane conspiracies.

In Practice: The hatred-driven genetically defective supremacist is originally aroused by our our stereotypical Nordic male materials due to systemic latent repressed homosexuality, and the fact our visuals represent everything they would ever dream to be: Fit, blonde, blue-eyed Nordic elite warriors.

The realization, however, that we do not want to exterminate other races, that we are fine with homosexuality, that we do not worship women as warrior goddesses, that we do not want to wipe out wolves from the face of the earth, together with self-hatred from subconscious male sexual arousal, as well as the understanding their genetic defects will always preclude them from reaching our level or ever be accepted as our own sends them in a hatred-filled rage. 

The first stage of interaction is all about incoherent and anonymous trolling hidden behind the perceived anonymity of the internet, involving insults related to homosexuality and/or Judaism.

The second stage emphasizes on wild conspiracy theories and false claims of fraud and deceit, primarily involving allegations related to Amaruk debunked long ago by courts and the media themselves. No fact is ever presented (because no fact exist to support their wild claims), and all public records in the United States, Norway, and Canada, readily accessible to all and evidently dismissing the supremacists' ludicrous claims, are systematically ignored and even covered up. For example, the hatred-driven genetically defective supremacists often refer to organization or its members being charged or sued for fraud, without ever providing any record (public or otherwise) to that effect (well, because there isn't any). Or the supremacists claim the organization doesn't exist in Norway, willingly ignoring public registration records in the country. The hatred-driven genetically defective supremacists even go as far as claiming all visuals, photos, videos, training materials etc... readily available online are "fake", or "stolen", and followers are in fact various fake profiles of the same individual whose identity they created by mixing random data from several individuals. In 27% of the cases, hatred-driven genetically defective supremacists actually even forged records to try to make their claims more believable. 

The third stage is all about threats. Death threats, or threats that they want to fight us. Without ever acting on said threats so far, even consistently backing out of hólmgöngur. 

Security Risk: None as long as no physical interaction is involved. Physical interaction is rare due to the hatred-driven genetically defective supremacist's lack of courage and resources. Due to deceitful, cowardly, and dishonorable characteristics of the hatred-driven genetically defective supremacist, however, any physical interaction should be deemed a credible threat to life and property, and immediately addressed with swift and effective use of force.