Lofotr Viking Museum Trying to Rewrite History

The Lofotr Viking Museum has one job: Teaching the general public about Viking history.

Yet, political agendas, personal beliefs, and emotions have now gotten into the way of Lofotr's mandate, with the Viking museum not only actively re-writing history to accommodate liberal sensitivities, but harassing anyone who wants to uphold historical facts.

At issue for Hege Anita Eilertsen, Marketing Director of Lofotr Viking Museum, is an old text from Jómsvíkingasaga (Saga of the Jomsvikings). 

Jómsvíkingar (Jomsvikings) is a war band from the 10th Century CE. These Vikings actually had a law that went much farther than not allowing women in combat. "Alls engi maðr skylde þar kono hafa innan borgar", which roughly translates in every day English to "Absolutely no woman is to be brought by any man into the fort", effectively banned the very presence of women among Jómsvíkingar on their land, forts, cities and compounds... and essentially among Viking warriors. 

The problem for Hege Anita, is that these historical facts do not sit well with her political views. Because she is also incapable of separating her feelings from her job, and act professionally, she therefore decided to try to censor this part of Norse history she find distasteful.

As a result, she contacted NORSKK, in her official capacity as Marketing Director of Lofotr Museum, to try to censor us. She referred to our highlighting of historical facts, such as those outlined in Jómsvíkingasaga, as "extremist" views...

When it didn't go her way, and after giving a lecture about inclusion, she resorted to petty insults with respect to the written Norwegian of an Icelander (the irony) who was kind enough to not respond to her in norrœnt, the actual spoken language of Vikings, as she wouldn't have been able to understand it. 

Here's a copy of the actual email exchange.