The New Fraudsters

Photo Credit: "Carl J. Carlin" Public Facebook Profile

Photo Credit: "Carl J. Carlin" Public Facebook Profile

Carl J. Carlin also goes by the name of Jim Carlin, but his full legal name is Carl James Carlin. He is 67, and he lives at 1852 Forest Circle in Santa Fee, NM 87505. He normally uses a email address, and a phone number in San Antonio, Texas (2104155507). 

Jim, as he likes to be called, gets most of what he wants and feels entitled to for free. In addition to receiving state assistance, he also systematically disputes credit card charges he incurs when he purchases products and services online. 

Jim Carlin is part of a "new" generation of scam artists, fraudsters, and criminals, who spend their retirement defrauding various companies through credit card fraud.

Often, fraudsters like Jim Carlin are allowed to go on their crime spree unchecked for a long time, as U.S. bank tend to blindly side with a customer any time a claim is filed, and credit card companies do not keep a good record of how many times a card holder has disputed transactions.

Defrauded businesses, however, have recourses. A bank reversing the charge does not mean that the customer is not indebted to the business for products and services he received and didn't pay for. As a result, the debt can be recorded as delinquent to all main credit reporting agencies in the U.S., Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion, thereby affecting the fraudster's ability to keep his credit cards or obtain credit in the future. Collection proceedings can also be initiated and the fraudster's personal property and assets seized. Finally, it is a felony to make a false statement to an FDIC-insured bank, so any untrue statement filed by the fraudster to his bank may give rise to criminal prosecution.