Feminist Rot in Sooke

At first sight, Sooke, located near Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, looks like an idyllic close-knit community, like so many across North America. The small coastal town, however, hides a shocking secret: A limited group of women within the business and medical community, the municipality, and the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police), are undermining community cohesion with their toxic femininity and threatening societal order.

Lifelabs: Leaving Men to Die

You may recall our articles back in 2017: The Lifelabs Fiasco, Who is Lorna Tessier, and Lifelabs: A Long History of Negligence. Well, this actually happened in Sooke, and involved Sooke women. Enough said.

Coast Capital Insurance: Incompetence, sexual predation, and fraud

Coast Capital Insurance in Sooke solely employs women. There is no male staff at all. In the latest incident, the branch manager, an obese middle-aged bitter feminist and sexual predator (her only way to get any sexual contact is by forcing herself onto non-consenting men), called 911 to report a male client harassing her and threatening her, claiming she had been forced to escort him out of her office.

Unfortunately for the professionally oppressed female staff of Coast Capital Insurance, the male in question was wearing a body cam. Footage shows him calmly asking to speak to a manager. At issue was several men having come forward to report sexual harassment and other harassment, and Coast Capital Insurance having defrauded a Norwegian firm he represented out of $40,000. While the man is waiting, female staff are suddenly going out of their way to be nice to waiting clients, distributing candies to all, except him of course. The recording clearly shows female staff skipping him, which gives a good hint of the interaction to come. Footage then shows the man following a rude female manager to her office, together with another female employee. He is then literally being yelled at by the two hysterical women, to the extent he is not even able to speak and make his point. The man is then seen getting up and leaving the office, while still being harassed and yelled at by the female manager and her employee who are still sitting. At no time does the man swear or even raise his voice… At no time does any of the women escort him.

Of course, upon a female RCMP officer being called by her feminist sisters, she promptly acted on the call, harassing the man and threatening him with arrest, without even bothering hearing his version of the story, or better yet, watching body cam footage. The RCMP female officer even completely ignored 5 claims of sexual harassment and abuse against the Coast Capital Insurance female manager, and tried to coerce the man’s lawyer into not pursuing a case.

To add insult to injury, the female RCMP officer then publicly falsely declared that the man reported by Coast Capital, a special forces officer, former federal law enforcement officer, with a secret clearance and no record of an arrest let alone a criminal record, was “known to the RCMP”. She also stated that he was part of a male-only organization known to be “anti-female”… She actually said that to the female-only Coast Capital Insurance office… But as we all know, female-only organizations are celebrated, but male-only organizations are stigmatized, sued and harassed. Toxic femininity for you.

Also, as a reminder, Coast Capital Savings is the same company that unilaterally decided to break North American credit union agreements by charging ATM fees to clients of the Pentagon Federal Credit Union and Navy Federal Credit Union, because of their opposition to U.S. foreign policy and their dislike for the U.S. military.

This is also the same crowd that covered up multiple claims of actual sexual harassment against their branch manager in Sooke, calling the RCMP instead to report the claims as…. Harassment. The irony is strong. Same women as well that got the never ending list of negative reviews on Google (expected as they are thriving in harassing men) removed under the false claims they were fake.

Yup. Rotten to the core.

Truly rotten to the core.

Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC): Wasting Taxpayers’ money

Another institution almost entirely ran by women. Into the ground. With a deficit nearing close to $1 billion for this year alone. ICBC flags and sets up white males for arrest, just in the off chance they may make their female staff uncomfortable for merely being men. The result is outlined in yet another article: Breathing Officially Harassment.

Municipality of Sooke: Unfathomable Incompetence

The women in charge have repeatedly failed to alert taxpayers living inches away from the ocean following every single earthquake and/or tsunami alert. Yet, these very same women have promptly self-congratulated themselves publicly following each alert, praising themselves for their handling of the crisis. Listing to the claims of these women right after bracing death is like being stuck in an episode of the Twilight Zone.

RCMP: Dereliction of Duty, Corruption, and Incompetence

The RCMP have left men to die after they reported their aircraft in distress. The RCMP has refused to even file a report, let alone investigate, a series of serious crimes over two decades. This includes but is not limited to coercion and threats of deaths against crown witnesses and other law enforcement officers in criminal trials, bribes and corruption of BC government officials by Chris Red Mine, actual shooting sprees on public roads by drunk locals engaging in poaching, fraud at the Canada Revenue Agency, and various assaults.

Yet, the women of the Sooke RCMP will detain a man for several hours after a drunk woman called 911 to report him passing on the right. They will go to a man’s house to try to coerce him into deleting a negative review against a female business, deemed to be harassment. Or they detain and charge, involving several staff and cruisers, a man for crossing a yellow line to avoid a collision with a female driver under the influence of drugs and alcohol. When they are not busy running a grow up that is, with at least one of their officers involved in drug trafficking well before marijuana was legalized in Canada.

All the RCMP resources in Sooke are used to serve as a man substitute for their local feminist sisters, while actively engaging in the undue harassment of white males in violation of decency but also the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

It is worth nothing that none of the men harassed at the hands of toxic femininity and feminists in Sooke have experienced any similar issue anywhere else in the world. It will be also interesting to see how these men, operators, private military contractors, and survival experts, handle the aftermath of a natural disaster crisis (such as a major earthquake) in Sooke. After all, why would men help the very women who are systematically trying to destroy them?

The feminists of Sooke are up for a rude awakening when shit hits the fan. They will then realize that telling the world their community is close-knit is meaningless when they create so much division and when they show so much hatred against men. These very same men will not help them when they need it. These men will just sit back and watch natural selection take its course.