The Intolerance of the Gay Community

The LGBTQXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX community is expecting tolerance and acceptance of anything and everything they come up with. More recently, they have demanded that the world not only tolerate but embrace a severe mental illness called gender dysphoria, which results in patients self-mutilating and cutting off their genitals, to eventually commit suicide in nearly 60% of the cases. The LGBTQXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX community has also gone as far as demanding that modern societies forget all sense of decency and engage in crimes against humanity, as well as grievous child abuse, by agreeing to castrate boys as young as 6 years of age (See the article, Forced Castration at 6).

Yet, the LGBTQXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX only displays intolerance and bigotry against anyone they don’t agree with, including their own.

The most known example was the exclusion of gay police officers in Toronto who were banned from marching in the gay pride parade (see Pride Toronto members won’t allow uniformed police to march in the parade). A decision the ever so intolerant gay community upheld last month.

Least known, however, is the harassment, stigmatization, and exclusion the gay community subjects those who do not want to have sex with anything and anyone, as per the gay doctrine. Namely transgenders and those of a different race.

A hook up service such as Grindr now refers to anyone who is not sexually attracted to another race, and thus, who does not want to engage in sexual acts with those of another race, “sexual racism”. With the penalty for daring having sexual preferences being lifetime ban and exclusion from the service.

Another hook up service,, ran by the very vocal Pink Triangle Press (owner of the Xtra magazine that never misses an opportunity to demand tolerance of everything gay), actively bans those who refuse to engage in sex with transgenders, Asians, or obese elderly males. As a matter of fact, we documented 26 profiles of men who were banned from the service for not going along with the gay community demand that they abandon any concept of consent for sex, and agree to have the gay community decide on how these men use their own body.

Messages deemed hatred and sufficient ground to terminate users by Pink Triangle Press include:

“Sorry, not into transgenders”
”Not into Asians”
”I don’t do fatties”

Requests for an interview with Pink Triangle Press, including David Walberg, Executive Director, were ignored. They did not even have the courtesy and decency to respond to our queries.

Ironic that the very gay community that demands that we all tolerate the intolerable, including losing control over our own bodies as men, is defined by pure intolerance, bigotry, and hatred that would make any Gestapo officer blush in shame.