Freedom of the Press

As past and current service members, and contractors, dedicating our life to upholding our most basic and fundamental freedoms, we shall not tolerate the increasingly anarcho-tyrannical state of New Zealand dictating what we should post or not on our news service.

Freedom of expression and freedom of thought are essential to a democratic country, and to the health and well being of men. We will not deprive our people from their right to fundamental freedoms so many of our own have died fighting for over history.

Additionally, while New Zealand has banned the video and manifesto of the Christchurch terrorist attack, and criminally charged its own citizens who dared share the materials, there is no record of New Zealand ever banning any ISIS/DAESH video depicting the beheading of American citizens, or the burning alive of service members in cages, or ever arresting anyone for sharing these videos. Furthermore, Jacinda Ardern has never banned much more disturbing materials as long as they satisfied her liberal and feminist views. This includes the very graphic and utterly outrageous online guide encouraging young men to perform self-castration at home, or the images of a bearded transexual “woman” sexually molesting a child by breast feeding it, together with the many articles glorifying that atrocity. Jacinda Ardern’s decision to ban the video of the Christchurch terrorist attack therefore appears to be entirely based on a need to submit to the Muslim community by engaging in the very repression and oppression normally associated with Sharia law or other totalitarian, barbaric, and undemocratic ideologies.

As a result, we are providing a link to the video of the terrorist attack in New Zealand on 15 March 2019, as well as the manifesto posted by the perpetrator, Brenton Tarrant.

Note that in the order to prevent censorship, materials are hosted on different servers in Ísland (Iceland).