Edmonton Pride Cancelled. Or the Intolerance of the Gay Community

Rare are the “communities” that are so intolerant and divisive that they would put any so-called “hate group” to shame. The Canadian gay “community” is one of those.

First, the open-minded, tolerant, and all-around-good-people of the LGB+T community decided to ban the local police from gay pride parades and events. Then the RCMP. Then, the military. Yes, as in banning any Canadian soldier from participating in the events. Going as far as causing a major disruption during the 2018 pride events trying to physically remove those personas-non-grata. All this hatred in the name of “tolerance” and “diversity” of course.

Now, it is important to understand that the very gay movement - a modern liberal social construct, unrelated to sexuality, that embraces feminization and emasculation - had already excluded, from its infancy, a lot of men. Men who were actually attracted to men, and not vaginas. Men who couldn’t reconcile their attraction to the male mind, body, and soul, with a movement that was worshipping the compete opposite of masculinity, and thus, was going against their very identity and sexuality as men. For a better understanding of homosexuality versus faggotry, one only needs to look at Spartans, a culture that was bisexual for the sole purpose of breeding and otherwise worshipped men and their most fundamental evolutionary traits and characteristics. Then one needs to peak at the contrast with the disgrace and degeneracy of modern gay culture. Surely, it’s been a long fall from grace between the Spartans, archetypes of masculinity, and the modern gay “men”, now images of feminism, feminization and emasculation.

Excluding actual men, then the local police, then the RCMP, and later the entire Canadian Forces was not enough for the “tolerant” and “inclusive” LGB+T community. So they decided to exclude white gay men. And then just biological males. To focus instead on transgenders (a mental illness), people of color, and women.

Two local organizations, Shades of Colour and RaricaNow, fixated on gender dysphoria, non-whites, and refugees (yes…) in the Edmonton's LGB+T community, decided to make completely surreal and outrageous demands, even to the standards of the inherent drama associated with the gay identity. This included:

Reorganize the structure of Pride. Open Pride with a protest lead by QTIBPOC, trans folx and their allies. Allocate funding for QTIBPOC and trans folks to host community building and creative workshops - and make this the main feature of Pride in the Park. Included in this would be musical performances by QTIBPOC artists. Finally, End Pride in the Park with a vigil to honour the lives of LGBTIQ2S+ activists and community members that were lost due to systemic oppression including transphobia, racism, classism, capitalism, etc.

In other words, demanding the elimination of all white biological males from the Edmonton gay pride, to put forwards a freak show of mental illness, self-loathing, and racism. Shades of Colour and RaricaNow were so hateful in their demands to the gay pride committee, that police had to be involved.

Eventually, the Edmonton Pride Festival Society board of directors decided they had enough and voted to cancel the event.

There will therefore be no gay pride in Edmonton this year. Not that it is any loss, but it sheds a new light on the intolerance, hatred, bigotry, and yes, racism, within the ever so “tolerant” Canadian LGB+T community. The very community that demands our tolerance.