"Norwegian" Royal Retardation

Many people believe that the current Norwegian royals are descendants of Norway’s greatest king, Hákon Hákonarson (Håkon Håkonsson in modern Norwegian, also known as Haakon IV of Norway or Haakon the Old). They are not. They are consanguineous foreigners completely unrelated to Norway who got designated royals overnight upon Norway getting independence from Denmark.

Which explains the retardation all of us Norwegians, and descendants of Norwegians in Iceland, have to endure on a regular basis. We all remember Princess Märtha Louise, daughter of King Harald V (current “king” of Norway) and Queen Sonja, setting up a venture to offer Norwegians the privilege to talk to angels…

Well, Princess Märtha Louise has gone full retard again. This time, upon being boned by some black American “shaman”, claiming that she can cure everything, from cancer to… crabs. But we all know about Märtha, so her latest retardation is no surprise.

But what do we know about Shaman Durek (his legal name, Durek Verrett, an American)?

Durek Verrett claims to be working with clients of all classes, including Hollywood movie stars. His clients allegedly include musicians, CEOs of large corporations and royalty in Europe. Shaman Durek is apparently also a sought-after lecturer and teacher. He claims to be the author of a fixed column on the spiritual aspects of life in The Huffington Post, with a regular video blog in Frontiers Magazine.

Well, none of this is factual. Durek Verrett has not written for the Huffington Post since January 2014 (even if he had, hardly a reference), and no videos have appeared after him at Frontiers Magazine since 2013. He does not have any fixed columns or regular video blogs, and there is no evidence that he is a sought-after lecturer. He claims Grandma Varrets was his main mentor… Yet, she was dead by the time he was born. He also claims to have been trained by Susanna Radic, allegedly some Croatian Princess, who is no princess at all.

Durek Verrett also claims that whatever he’s doing is not for money, but out of the kindness of his heart… Yet, he charges a lot of money for his nonsenses, enough for him to afford a villa with a swimming pool, together with a BMW SUV.

So, what is it that Durek Verrett, the “shaman” actually does you may ask? Well, long story short, he communicates with spirits and who knows what else to cure people of all sorts of ailments, from leukemia, to cancer, and… crabs.

A video of him gives you a clearer idea of the guy:

There was some good coverage of in Iceland: A debate with an Icelandic Biochemist, where Durek Verrett makes a fool out of himself. A radio interview with the guy exposing what he is all about, and also an article by Vantrú.

So, yes, Durek Verrett guy is a liar, a fraud, and a charlatan. In a display of retardation we have come to expect from Märtha Louise, who has no decency and clearly is incapable of representing Norway, she has now teamed up with the guy to take Norwegians for a ride at a cost of nearly 600 kr., shifting from angel conversations to … curing crabs with spirituality.