"Forn Sidr of America" a Fraud

Forn Siðr was born in the homeland of Norway several thousand years ago. To be true to traditions, Forn Siðr is still based, to this day, in the Kingdom of Norway (registered with the Norwegian government as a religious NGO under number 922 586 918). Forn Siðr is therefore the original and only true ancestral Norse spirituality in the world, shared by actual Norsemen, and based on millennia of oral traditions, cultural immersion, language knowledge, and connection to the land. Forn Siðr is free of foreign and popular influence, revisionism, and is true to its ancestral roots.

A few days following Forn Siðr making history by being registered as an official religion in Norway, however, an obscure group of foreigners of undefined gender known as “Shieldwall of North America” decided to appropriate our culture by stealing the Forn Sidr name and changing their name to “Forn Sidr of America”.

Despite their name suggesting a connection to Norse culture and ancestral traditions, the purpose of the group has no connection whatsoever with our culture, advocating instead transgenderism, the empowerment of “minorities” (which are no longer minorities in many locations), feminism, safe spaces, as well as discrimination, hate and violent extremism against anyone not embracing their views, including us Norsemen, whose culture they are stealing.

In an astonishing display of hypocrisy, dishonesty, and cognitive dissonance, Forn Sidr of America actually included an entire section in their bylaws (Section 3) outlining their rejection of… cultural appropriation!

Preliminary investigation of the 6 people listed as a “board” (supposedly all in Colorado), show that that at least 3 of them appear to be transgender, an absolute incompatibility with a male-dominated warrior culture that is the very foundation and basis of Forn Siðr. Furthermore, 4 people out of 6 appear to be using fake names, suggesting an intent to further deceit and to evade litigation (trademark infringement or disparagement is a big deal, and so is raising funds fraudulently) ... The “team” at “Forn Sidr of America” are as follow:

Elisa Wynnter: We could not find information under that name anywhere, outside of some online accounts. She is indeed using a fake name, while acting as the “chair” of the organization… Her real name is Amanda Mims.

“Elisa Wynnter”. Real name is  Amanda Mims .

“Elisa Wynnter”. Real name is Amanda Mims.

Sion Cai: No record under that name either. Confirmed as a fake name. She also used the name “Sean” in the past. Actual name is RuthAnn Isbell.

“Sion Cai” (actual name  RuthAnn Isbell )

“Sion Cai” (actual name RuthAnn Isbell)

Nonir Amicitia: No record under that name outside of an abomination of a book. We suspect it is an author name, and thus, a fake name.

“Nonir Amicitia”

“Nonir Amicitia”

Shen Knightly: No record under that name. Confirmed as a fake name as well. Real name is Eliza Baker.

“Shen Knightly” (real name is  Eliza Baker )

“Shen Knightly” (real name is Eliza Baker)

Cassandra Cordova: Seems to exist. No assets to her name.

Cassandra Cordova

Cassandra Cordova

Casey McCarthy The only other one that seem to exist as well, and the only one with some assets (although very limited), with the rest not having a pair of dirty underwear to their name.

Casey McCarthy

Casey McCarthy

All members of the board (if some of them actually exist) are the worst possible expression of extreme and regressive liberalism, leftists hatred, as well as revisionist propaganda, to extents that are actually so difficult to fathom, their views and actions could actually be seen as satire. Certainly beliefs that could never be remotely construed as relating to Norse culture.

Upon the people of “Forn Sidr of America” being notified they had stolen a name and were infringing on a trademark, they could have simply reverted to their old name. Instead, they removed the photos and names of the people involved in their group from their web site, confirming our suspicions that they are trying to evade prosecution and litigation, even pulling out bylaws from their web site (which were nonetheless saved at http://www.nidingar.com/nidingar/fornsidramerica/forn_sidr_of_america_bylaws.pdf)

Forn Siðr, the real thing, has indicated that they are currently exploring legal options, including filing legal action against all members of “Forn Sidr of America”, as their group has no legal existence. Forn Siðr is also looking at seeking the seizure of all donated funds fraudulently acquired under their legal, registered, and legitimate name.

Is there anything women of all genders will not ruin?

UPDATE 13 JUN 2019

Forn Sidr of America has been served with a Cease and Desist legal notice by the original Norwegian FORN SIDR.

UPDATE 15 JUN 2019

Instead of disclosing to its followers that they had been served with a legal Cease and Desist notice for stealing a name, infringing on a trademark, and appropriating a culture, leading to the suspension of several of their accounts under federal law, Forn Sidr of America has instead publicly falsely claimed to be the victims of a hate crime, namely “targeted attacks” related to the Denver gay pride…


UPDATE 16 JUN 2019

Forn Sidr of America incorporated in the State of Colorado in an attempt to claim they were registered all along. They also incorporated AFTER they were issued a Cease and Desist order, thereby violating federal law and making their registration fraudulent.

Forn Sidr of America also filed a trademark application in the United States AFTER they were issued a Cease and Desist order for the same mark, committing perjury and lying under oath with respect to first use (falsely claiming 4 April 2019 in order to be one day earlier than FORN SIDR incorporation in Norway, when in fact public records show they only changed their name from “Shieldwall of North America” to “Forn Sidr of North America” on 8 April 2019).

Public records show first use of the name on 8 April 2019, but Forn Sidr of America committed perjury by falsely claiming, and in bad faith, to the U.S. Patents and Trademarks Office, first use on 4 April 2019.

Public records show first use of the name on 8 April 2019, but Forn Sidr of America committed perjury by falsely claiming, and in bad faith, to the U.S. Patents and Trademarks Office, first use on 4 April 2019.

UPDATE 18 JUN 2019

Twitter has been served a legal notice ordering the shut down of Forn Sidr of America account. An order was issued with Fundly as well, and the fundraising campaign of Forn Sidr of America was terminated, with their funds frozen. Their merchandises sales with Red Bubble were also ended by a similar order.