Anarcho-Communist (Antifa) Infiltration of the Media Confirmed

Following a sharp spike in attacks organized and/or perpetrated by left-wing groups and/or individuals, against right-wing public figures, and innocent bystanders alike, Quillette (a center-right, online magazine) conducted an investigation to determine which prominent journalists known to cover Anti-fascist (Antifa) activities also had close connections to leading Antifa figures on social media. A data set of 58,254 Antifa or Antifa-associated Twitter accounts was pared down to a core of 962 users whose accounts overlapped and connected with the most influential and widely followed Antifa figures. Of this core, 22 were found to be verified, 15 of whom are journalists who work regularly with national-level news outlets.

Surprisingly, the team could not find a single article published by any of the 15 journalists in the subset that was markedly critical of Antifa activities in any way. Unless Antifas conduct themselves with the dignity and manners of model Boy Scouts (which we know not to be true), one would expect some blemish, some inadequacy to be improved upon, to be included in one or more articles, for the sake of constructive criticism, if nothing else. On the contrary, their articles were found to downplay Antifa violence, advance Antifa talking points, and in some cases even quote Antifa activists as if they were impartial experts!

What’s also remarkable about the investigation is the intimate relationships the authors were found to have with Antifa organizations and activists. The authors were, in fact, either Antifa activists or individuals actively assisting Antifa with its objectives. The journalists were found to have roles in addition to their job of reporting manipulating the story, such as using their press resources to gather information on persons of interest to Antifa. This information is then passed on to Antifa operatives such as AntiFashGordon, who uses the information to drive Antifa’s direct-action strategies (i.e., intimidation campaign), such as doxing, stalking, deplatforming, and shaming. 

The most troubling realization from the investigation is not anything found in the investigation specifically, but the conclusion we draw from the evidence: that anarcho-communists have secured a propaganda / intimidation machine hiding in plain sight.

The vertically-integrated media production pipeline they’ve secured allows the journalists to control the content and bias of the article. This edited version of the facts is used to disseminate a false narrative about the right-wing, portraying it as threatening, violent, and growing fast. At the same time, it allows them to filter negative information about Antifa members and activities (e.g., assaults, thefts, property damage, etc) in order to spin a narrative portraying Antifas as noble guardians, boldly defending the community against fascist hate and violence. The fringe benefit of this arrangement is the journalist’s press resources, which gives Antifa an extrajudicial means of silencing, punishing, or otherwise enforcing the compliance of a targeted individual through intimidation tactics such as doxing, harassment, stalking, deplatforming, and shaming. Worst of all, they have no less than 15 of these, operating from within national-level media outlets, in the US and abroad.   

To witness the impact of Antifa controlling such a powerful array of information collection and dissemination tools, look no further than what happened to Quillette editor and photojournalist Andy Ngo

The day before attending a rally – as a journalist, not a partisan – that just as easily could have been billed as a dick-wagging contest between Portland’s own Rose City Antifa (RCA) and the Proud Boys, Mr. Ngo published a tweet suggesting he was on RCA’s hitlist for the day of the rally. Sure enough, once RCA thugs found their opening, they went in the kill. Although the beating doesn’t look too bad at first, it was revealed that Mr. Ngo was seriously injured once he got in the clear. Fortunately, physicians were able to get to Mr. Ngo in time to control a brain hemorrhage. There is evidence to suggest that Rose City Antifas mixed quick-dry cement into some of the vegan “milkshakes” they had been distributing to the crowd, the remainder of which they threw at the Proud Boys, in general, and directly into Mr. Ngo’s skull, specifically.

But why would Antifa, an organization with far-left goals like “smashing the heteronormative white supremacist patriarchy”, want to attack a 5’5”, mild-mannered, gay son of Vietnamese immigrants? In short, because they have a vested interest in manipulating the narrative and Mr. Ngo is a truly independent, objective journalist who has courageously reported the facts about Rose City Antifa, refusing to publish a doctored propaganda piece for them. Antifa knows full well that their “anti-fascist” facade is just a cover their communist ideology. It’s a lot easier to get the community to back “Anti-Fascists” than it is “Anarcho-Communists”. That’s how Antifa operates: through deception, manipulation, and coercion. Anything they say they support, they’re the opposite. When they say “No Hate”, they mean hate. When they say “freedom”, they mean slavery. While it may be true they’re “Anti-Fascists”, they’re every bit as intolerant and oppressive as any Fascist. Trading Hitler for Stalin isn’t a step up, but sideways. It’s the same fascist oppression by a different name.  

The fact that literal communists have infiltrated the media should be raising an alarm nationwide … or maybe not, because if communists or communist-sympathizers control the media, you certainly wouldn’t hear about it on CNN. That’s why you won’t hear about the attack on Andy Ngo. Normally, a story like, “gay minority gets beatdown by a gang of white thugs” would receive 24-hour news coverage (remember the Jussie Smollet hoax?). But as it’s been pointed out, the media has been infiltrated by communists and communist-sympathizers and a story like “gay minority gets beat down by anti-fascist heroes” doesn’t fit their narrative.

We’ve known for decades the media has a left-wing bias, but until now we didn’t have confirmation of just how left-wing it was. The answer: VERY left. Not like Bernie Sanders left; more like Che Guevara left. As such, it’s important we be skeptical of any story they publish, especially the stories they’re pushing hard, and be aware there may be are certainly stories they’re suppressing, which makes it especially important to interpret every news story as a skeptic and look deeper into anything they report as fact. Well over 90% of the time, they’re not just giving you one side of the story, they’re deliberately editing it to push a subversive, Leftist narrative.