South Africa: A Failed State

I was walking in Harare (Zimbabwe) recently, in full combat gear of course, and people around me were carrying human torsos, for food, like you would see the French carry a baguette out of the bakery. A common sight and a sign of yet another failed African state following the end of European rule. Of course, something the mainstream media never report on.

Like the western media never report on the situation in South Africa. The genocide of white farmers. Or the utter chaos and absolutely unfathomable violence and savagery that is now ever so common wherever you go.

Videos, however, speak louder than words. So, rather than boring you with words about what is happening in Africa, we’ve decided to show it to you.

From people being burnt alive, tortured, and hacked to death, to riots, absolute chaos and destruction, or passerby calmly filming people dying in a car accident instead of providing assistance. In order to avoid censorship, the materials have been stored on our servers in Iceland.

What you will see will allow you to question the radical left assertion that all cultures are equal, and whether you want this type of abomination to spread into our lands.

Viewers’ discretion is strongly advised.