Fathers of Men

The concept of real manhood is tied up in, and forms, the backbone of true fatherhood. Regardless of your opinion on what is most important, as a father, your most pure duty is to raise men. When you have male offspring, your job as a man is to call out the man within them. It isn’t enough to create life, and ignore it. You have a duty to ensure that your child grows to out-do you. The ultimate duty of a son is to be better than his father, and AS his father, your job is to help him accomplish that. 

This duty you hold, and your ability to act it out, boils down to four key concepts. Protection, provision, education, and companionship.  The ability to protect your progeny, provide for their needs, teach them how to be a man, and to be there for them as a companion through the harder times in their lives, is the absolute of fatherhood. 

The importance, and weight you give to these concepts will depend on several factors, generally surrounding the environment you exist in, and your beliefs on what a man needs to be. However, no matter how you try to word it to yourself, the concepts remain. 

Part of being a father to your son(s) is figuring out how to prioritize these concepts, and how to bring them to bear in a meaningful way. You need to look inwards, and discover your own failings as a man, and help steer your son away from following your failures, whatever they may be. 

Excuses no longer apply. You don’t get to blame a bad childhood, or a bad day, on your failings as a father. You are the adult, and you MUST be an example in your sons life, in every way. You should model how to live with integrity and honor, courage and power. Your ability to provide for, protect, educate and be there for your sons is a crucial aspect of being a father, and are the pillars that the men of tomorrow will be built upon. 

Be a man, and help your son to be a better man than you ever were. Live your life such that you are an example of all manly traits you wish your son to emulate. Be there for your son, provide for him, protect him, and devote your time to teaching him how to be more than what he is.