Which Norse god are you?


Each Norse god is associated with certain qualities, and sometimes flows, and represents specific elements. Which god each norseman associates himself with is therefore really a matter of character, values, and personal choice.

If you really, really look good, then you may not have to think too much about it! Be blonde and see yourself as Baldur! If you're all about justice and fairness, or even law enforcement (because you are maybe a police officer, a wildlife trooper, or a judge), then you would probably look up to Forseti. If you're all about fucking, masculinity, virility, breeding, and your priority is a family, Freyer may be you guy. You're close to the sea, the elements, and acquiring wealth is part of your life goal? Look no further than Njörðr. You're a fighter (literally), you like battles, the art of war is your calling, then you may look at either Þórr or Týr. Your favorite season is winter, you're all about skiing, and hunting with a traditional bow (while everybody thinks you're crazy for not using a compound)? Your god is definitely Ullr. You're quiet, the forest is your playground... You may be closer to Víðarr. You're two-faced? You may be Loki. And if you're all about protecting others, beyond the law, you might be the mighty Heimdallr! What about Höðr, god of winter and darkness...? Or, if think Óðr represents you best, why not Hœnir?

Of course, if your age allowed you to acquire infinite knowledge, and if you are know for your wisdom, you might identify yourself with the all father, Óðinn...

And if you're a Viking woman, what goddess to you feel closest to? Frigg/Freyja (whom, as far as we are concerned, is the same deity), Gefjun (plough), Gerðr (mother earth), Hel (self-explanatory), Iðunn (youth), Skaði (winter and skiing), or maybe Sif (harvest and earth)?

So, which god are you, or which god do you feel closer to?