New Justice

There is no terror in your threats; for I am armed so strong in honesty that they pass by me as the idle wind, which I respect not. – Shakespeare

The recent weeks have seen turmoil within the American judicial system. A man was nominated for a seat on the supreme court, and in being placed thus in the eyes of the people, was besmirched and attacked by people throughout the political spectrum.

We saw rallies held against him, and even saw a woman come forward (along with, eventually, four others) to accuse him of sexual assault. The majority of these claims were baseless in the first instance, and dismissed out of hand by people who have built careers upon helping the victims of such assaults.

If those who specialise in dealing with this sort of crime find a story untenable, there is a lesson there for the rest of us, a lesson in that the facts surrounding these circumstances are flimsier than even experts can handle.

Then Dr Ford came forward, and in her presence, we were shown a passionate, emotional story of abuse, and asked to believe that it was all done at the hands of a loving father and husband, who has had a spotless career for three decades.

Immediately, the anger in proletariat became fever pitch. Banners painted with the slogans #metoo and #believeallwomen began to pop up everywhere. A spotlight was shone onto this man and his life, and the FBI even carried out an investigation into the accusations (despite the fact that their agency does not deal with such matters normally).

As the spotlight continued to shine, and the clamouring voices calling for Justice Kavanaugh’s resignation/arrest grew louder, holes began to appear in this story of vilification. She could not remember the exact date, the place, how she journeyed to or from the place where the incident took place, among many other issues in a story that she (presumably) hoped would prevent his candidacy becoming an appointment.

It is most telling, at least to his author, that the story is not one built of facts that have become hazy due to the passage of time, but rather lies, distorted to take down a guiltless man, due to one fact that has seemingly been ignored by the media. Instead of contacting law enforcement, whose job it is to enforce the laws that form the fences around society, she instead went to her senator about it, who, as a democrat, was from the outset against this mans appointment.

We do not run to our politicians for protection when a crime has been committed, much as we do not run to our law enforcement when it is voting time. It is my opinion, and one I believe founded in the facts presented by the words and actions of Dr. Ford and her cohort, that this was never intended to be a case where a criminal outcome was achieved. It was a situation designed to fry a good, hard working man, in the court of public opinion.

This attempt to rally the people against someone whom has been exonerated by the facts speaks to the new justice we find ourselves seeing more and more. The laws that have been formed to protect society are now not enough. When enough people cry for something, it is now commonplace for societies and institutions to cave, giving in being easier than standing resolute in the face of it all.

There was a victory against this “New Justice” with this appointment. Hopefully it is a lesson to the rest of the world that the voice of mere opinion cannot and must not be allowed to distort law, and distort facts, especially when someone’s life and livelihood are on the line. With such prices to be paid for being found guilty, it is imperative that the truth is allowed its time in the light, free from such base attacks.

Thankfully, those cowards who hid behind cheap ploys of accusations and rumour have been caught out in their own intricacies and lies, and while it may have marred the appointment process, we still have a new supreme court Justice of the United States, in Brett Kavanaugh.