Movie Review: Hold The Dark


Against our best judgement, we watched yet another Netflix piece of crap, as we were stuck in a hotel room, and because it involved wolves and possibly Úlfhéðnar references...

Well, the movie depicts wolves in a very bad way, as usual, and people (primarily men) sharing the spirit of wolves as completely degenerated violent and incestuous freaks.

Worst, probably is the virtue-signaling crap about female victimization...

At the beginning of the movie, Alexander, a military dude deployed in Iraq, stabs one of his bros multiple times over the dude allegedly being about to rape a local. Alexander then hands over the knife to the local so she can torture his bro while he is dying (and cut off his dick and balls), who is then heard screaming when Alexander leaves with the dude's weapon.

Besides how disturbing it is to us that a dude, especially associated with wolves, would stab his unit bro and then allow an enemy to torture him, this is also a sick expression of modern feminized society's views of (alleged) rape as being the most evil, abominable and unspeakable possible crime, warranting not only death but horrible torture. Something that we are sick and tired of, and that has become so unbearable, that we no longer even give a shit at this point about actual real rape claims.

A pack of wolves is also shown as eating one of their pups… Again, particularly fucked.

Long story shot, don't bother watch that toxic piece of propaganda against men and wolves. Movie is sick. Depicting men as sick. Wolves as sick, and those who share both human and wolf spirits as even sicker.