We had heard about "shield maidens" and other "female warriors" (who never saw a day of combat in their life), in complete denial of history as well as science and biology. We had also heard about Muslim Vikings, or transgenders, mentally ill people and other losers supposedly bound for "Valhalla", while those of us warriors who actually die in combat were destined to Hel because we were "judgmental". 

The latest retardation from "Asatruars"? Beardless Vikings.

It isn't like the Æsir and even the Vanir are typically known for sporting a pretty epic beard... No reference either in any text, whether it is In Atlakviða (The Lay of Atli) or others, ever associates males, masculinity, and warriors (a pillar of Norse faith), with beards... Gunnar Hámundarson, from Njáls saga, one of the Íslendingasögur which encompasses all the fundamental and essential Norse values that form the basis of Forn Siðr, was also known of course for being clean shaven, for trimming his pubes, and for bleaching is asshole. No mention in Guta Lag (The Law of the Gotlanders) either of offenses related to pulling a man's beard, or otherwise making any other attack on a man's beard, as Norsemen were all clean shaved...

Are we to be surprised though with this latest Asatruardation? After all, Asatru is merely a regressive liberal Christianization and bastardization of our culture, with the relentless goal of feminizing our warrior belief system, culture, and identity by now even denying the fundamental fact that beards are inherently associated with Norsemen, Vikings and Forn Siðr.