Apoplectic "Asatruars"

As you are probably well aware of by now, one of our bros made history by getting the first religious accommodations in the U.S. Army for a Norse Pagan beard.

Everyone within the large spectrum of Heathen faiths and beliefs should have celebrated this landmark decision that made history and brought back the old ways and Norse culture to the frontline.

Yet, many "Asatruars" are in apoplectic shock or stricken by aneurysms. 

Many may wonder: Why on earth?

Well, the answer is quite simple: Beta males and other argir (cucks) who can't handle anything that may be remotely related to masculinity.

While Norse Paganism has always traditionally been a warrior faith, regressive liberals and feminists have completely hijacked the culture to turn it into a safe space for low lives and losers. They even tried to destroy the inherent warrior aspect of the culture by falsely claiming female Vikings were warriors (see shield maidens), and further attempted to annihilate the fundamental masculine aspect of the beliefs by promoting transgenderism, going as far as claiming those were meant for "Valhalla".

So, of course, the United States Army allowing a symbol of masculinity among soldiers, the Norse Pagan beard, is unbearable to the vastly feminized following of "Asatru", whose primarily goal is to feminize and emasculate. And whose demographics, let's face it, are typically beta males and undickable hags. 

Meanwhile, the mainstream media have picked up on the story, probably causing a dramatic increase in aneurysms among "Asatruars".


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