Don't Apologize


Not an hour goes by on mainstream media without a male publicly apologizing for some comment that caused offense, for some behavior deemed harassing, for the color of his skin (invariably white), or ultimately, for being born a male. 

A male apologizing for having an opinion, apologizing for the hatred an ever increasing number of women show towards men, apologizing for the privilege of carrying the burden of having built western civilization, or apologizing for the very characteristics that defines his biological gender is demonstrating utter weakness, and he is castrating himself by renouncing his identity as a man. 

A man owns his opinions and doesn't change what he stands for and believes in because weak people will become offended. A man knows that asking a woman on a date or complimenting her does not constitute harassment, and he does not sentence himself as a sex offender by accommodating the delusional perceptions of hateful women. A man is proud of his achievements and sacrifices, and those of his ancestors, and he does not engage in self-loathing for merely founding and protecting western civilization. A man knows what it means to be a man, and that unduly apologizing is weakness, cowardice, and a symptom of societal feminization.

A man understands that offense is taken. Never given.