Movie Review: Black Panther


Ah! The majestic snowy mountains of Africa... The rugged peaks, the icefields... Wait. What? Is this an episode of that retarded Viking TV show filmed in Norway or Canada? And the dudes are wearing fur and leather, hardly African. And did we see... Runes?!? What are these people? Black "Vikings"?

For a movie supposed to celebrate black culture, the white cultural appropriation is astonishing. In a scene of the movie, the black people even paint themselves... white (does it mean that being white in a traditional northern environment has evolutionary benefits?! No....!!!) 

At the same time, everything white is slammed in the movie in either a ridiculous obvious way, or with a passive-aggressive approach that seems like practicing aggravated cuckery as a professional skill. The "racism" and "gender equality" undertones are so nauseating, we got motion sickness 10 minutes into the movie. Yeah, we watched it on a plane (no way we'd pay for cancer), where we never got motion sickness before.

While the movie embraces regressive liberalism doctrine, and the concept that the borders of western countries should be opened to Africans, they still don't want white people among them, so they end up making awkward statements like...  "if we let refugees in, they bring their problems with them... then here will be like everywhere else..." No shit. The story of Europe when it comes to African migrants! 

Another mind blowing moment in that piece of trash not worth the (white-man-made) electricity required to play it, is when the black people in the movie, whatever their "tribe" is called (hard to pay attention when you have to watch so much shit), start grunting like apes before some fight. Is that the only thing they could come up with to depict black culture? Really?

Overall, most likely the worst movie ever produced in the history of mankind, and so full of hatred and prejudice against the white man, that if the skin color of the characters were switched, it would result in criminal charges for inciting hatred in a never ending list of countries and jurisdictions around the world. 

Oh yeah, if you haven't gotten an aneurysm yet by now, the allegedly hunter-warrior tribe featured in the movie is... Vegetarian.