RIP السويد (Sweden)

Projected 2018 Election Results as of 2230 Sweden time

Projected 2018 Election Results as of 2230 Sweden time

The last election that could have saved Sverige (Sweden), or السويد as it would now be more fitting to call it, maintained the status quo and the destructive path of once a Viking kingdom.

Granted that at least half the population of Sweden is actually foreign, nearly 3 of 10 Swedes voted for the current party that opened the country's borders, Socialdemokraterna, and their absolutely inept, clinically retarded, and naturally emasculated Trudeau of the Nordics, Stefan Löfven.

No significant number of Swedes voted for AfS (Alternativ för Sverige), which was the only party with a slight chance of reversing the islamization and self-implosion of Sweden.

Less than 2 out of 10 Swedes actually voted for the "far-right", somewhat mildly anti-immigration party, Sverigedemokraterna, which will have all mainstream media on the verge of an aneurysm, because, the horror, the party is alleged to have "neo-Nazi" roots, but which will not lead to any significant change in Sweden.

In a nutshell, no significant number of Swedish males demonstrated they have a full nut sack left, and about 850,000 dudes (less than 10% of the population in Sweden), have one nut left, but sadly, not both. 

RIP السويد