The New Face of Persecution

Imagine “New Zealand's largest and most popular news site” writing an article titled “How a strange Muhammad-worshipping religion is linked to the massacre of 294,986 people*”… Absolutely unthinkable. The western world would be in shock, the journalist would be fired, charged with various criminal offenses for inciting hatred, and the news site would have to apologize to Islam and the world. The media would also be quick to point out that Islam is a religion of peace, and that only those who are radicalized are involved in violence.

Yet, Andrea Vance, of the popular Stuff news site in New Zealand, just published an article bashing Paganism as an ideology of hatred under the title “How a strange Thor-worshipping religion is linked to the Christchurch mosque shooting”. She also depicts all Pagans as being part of the very Folkish Asatru Folk Assembly. No mention of course of other organizations such as The Asatru Community or Ásatrúarfélagið which are so universalist that they welcome Imams to their ranks.

Yet, there is no outrage from the people of New Zealand, no concern from the free thinking elite, and no reserve from other journalists. Andrea Vance, a Christian-raised feminist, is clearly and directly inciting hatred and intolerance against a group of people she perceives as white, and an entire religion, without anyone even raising an eyebrow.

Unfortunately, this is an indication of things to come, and the first step towards persecution and oppression, as history has shown us, may it be with the Jews, or us Norse. This would indeed not be the first time Pagans have been persecuted throughout time. As a matter of facts, Norse culture was nearly annihilated by Christianization, and the resulting persecution, oppression, massacre and torture of Norse Pagans by the Church.

This time around, however, our persecution will be much worse. A feminized population, already keen on destroying men and masculinity, is teaming up with Christians and using technology to now target and ultimately exterminate Pagans. All with the blessing of the state, and while ensuring the future supremacy of Islam in the west.

Dark times are coming.

* Fatalities from Islamic terrorist attacks in 110,041 incidents worldwide between 2001 and 2017. Source: Norwegian Special Operations Command, Danish Special Operations Command, and Global Terrorist Database.