Series Review: Øyevitne

We were confined to quarters in Oslo overnight and asked our Úlfhéðnar what we could watch on TV without certain aneurysm. They suggested "Øyevitne". Being produced by the very liberal national broadcaster, NRK, we were ready and prepared to treat each other for various strokes and aneurysms.

We were surprised.

First, everybody was pretty much white. And very Norwegian. Blonde, blue eyes, beards… We didn’t spot one single black dude! A rarity nowadays when even Heimdallr, “the whitest of all gods”, is depicted in movies as black.

Then, women, even those in lead roles, were shown as, well, emotional… Irrational behavior, crying, screaming, and falling for the obvious, to the extent of gross professional incompetence.

Surprisingly, the two young dudes dicking each other in the series were not depicted as fags. One of them was clearly shown as the stronger and dominant one, making the relationship more primal as based on raw power (which flows better for us). The other one, although smaller, and more sensitive, didn’t display the typical characteristics of a fag. Ultimately, both of them acted like dudes overall under the circumstances… Including the stronger one being a motocross champion, and working in forestry. Even more surprising, the genders were clearly defined.

Finally, the special forces guy in the series, from FSK (yes, Forsvarets Spesialkommando, as in some of our Úlfhéðnar, including those who suggested the series), was shown as pretty ruthless (after all, he is the bad guy), but definitely with good fitness and decent killing skills, to which no woman could be a match. Some could have elected to see him as a demonstration of toxic masculinity, but we didn’t. We saw him as a regular special forces dude, just a little fucked in the head.

Overall, it was good entertainment. We did expect the ending, but getting there was nonetheless fun.

Is Norway the last country that can produce shows that will not make you puke from chocking you with diversity and inclusion?