We are Vikings

In our modern society, people are encouraged to ignore all fundamentals of science and biology by choosing to be one of hundreds of imaginary genders. Yet, we Norðmenn (Norsemen) are told, somehow, that we cannot refer to ourselves as Vikings, and essentially that we do not have a right to our own culture, history, and ultimately identity.

The logic (or lack thereof) behind the latest revisionist attempts at coloring and emasculating Norse culture is that the term “Viking” relates to a verb that describes raiding, rather than a noun that refers to people, and therefore, we Vikings cannot possibly be white or even males.


Well, first "víkingr" in norrœnt (Old Norse) is a noun. It is not a verb. True, the etymology of the term possibly refers to activities relating to "bays" (later extrapolated to raiding). However, performing such activities was not a requirement in order to be referred to as a Viking, and Norðmenn were known across the world during, and even after the Viking age as, well, Vikings. The exact same way an American didn't have to live in a city to be referred to as a citizen, just because the etymology of the word, civitas in Latin, meant city at some point.

So, Norðmenn still are Vikings. Whether or not we raid. The reference simply became cultural over time, with many Nordic countries, especially Norway, but also Iceland, having men referring to themselves as Vikings. As a matter of fact, everything in Norway is Viking, including the lotto!


A lot of brands and businesses indeed involve Viking references. In Norway, the most common brand of milk is named Viking Melk. Norsk Tipping (Norway’s state lottery corporation) even has a game called Viking Lotto.

Regions in Norway also use Viking symbolism on their coat of arms, such as Nordland that sports a boat visual related to Viking long ships. Etterretningstjenesten (E-tjenesten), the Norwegian Intelligence Service, features Huginn and Muninn, Óðinn’s ravens.

Telemark Bataljon (TMBN), a Norwegian military unit, depicts a long ship as a unit patch. Major Rune Wenneberg was even seen in Afghanistan wearing a Viking helmet.


One must also remember the Valhöll battle call of the very same battalion in Afghanistan.

Identifying with Vikings is not exclusively Norwegian. The Danes use Viking symbology within their military units as well.


Even the promotional video all see upon landing at Oslo Gardermoen Airport features a Viking ship.

For those who still insist that Vikings ought to be associated with raiding though (because, yeah, liberalism is mental illness that greatly affect cognitive functions), isn't raiding our actual primary activity as warriors, Marines and soldiers?

So, yeah, no matter how you look at it, we are Víkingar. Nothing will ever change that. Nothing.