Forn Siðr Now Officially a Religion in Norway

Back in April 2018, we made history when one of our bros successfully secured the first religious exemption in the United States Army for a Norse Pagan beard.

Today, we are making history again.

Forn Siðr is now officially a religion in Norway, and officially registered as a religion in Norway. Yes, this means that Forn Siðr will now get a share of the Norwegian Lottery Corporation’s earnings. This also means Norse Pagans will now be afforded constitutional protection in Norway and abroad. And of course, several centuries after the (forced) Christianization of Norway, it also means that Den norske kirke (The Church of Norway) finally got some serious competition. Really, it is merely a return to our roots though. Our true ancestral path.

We are also making history in more ways that one… In honor of our ancestors, in application of our ancestral customs, as well as in order to protect and promote the innate male and warrior aspect of our Norse culture, Forn Siðr is also only open to biological males. We, of course, expect full support of the many very fine women who embrace our way of life and attachment to our religious teachings, and who have been enjoying, for many years and with great public support, their own women-only organizations.

To the many men who want to embrace their Norse culture and identity, defined by fundamental and highly desirable evolutionary male traits and characteristics, Welcome. This is your new home.