PTSD Crisis Result of Feminization

We see brothers die or be hurt in combat. We experience trauma. We feel emotional distress. We discuss it with our unit. We lose a small part of ourselves forever. We change. We modify our behavior towards threats and strangers. We miss our unit cohesion and we cannot fully adapt to civilian society ever again. All these are just typical as well as natural and evolutionary responses to non-TBI PTSD.

Ultimately, though, we go on with our life, because as males, our brain’s innate and primary analytic reaction will naturally keep our secondary empathic response in check. We as males are indeed biologically characterized by dominant analytic (as in logic) brains, while women are defined by prevalent empathic (as in emotional) brains. Furthermore, as males, our cerebrum has also evolved over hundreds of millions of years to handle trauma efficiently by developing a smaller deep limbic system, making us less reactive to emotions than females, and by synthesizing serotonin faster, resulting in our emotional response to traumatic events being greatly reduced.

The very evolutionary traits and characteristics that define us as males are our natural tools to handle trauma, and thus, PTSD. They are essential for our survival.

Feminization, however, conditions men to express female responses, rather than their natural male reaction, as the only acceptable societal and social behavior. Feminization deprives men of their natural biological analytic response to life, and essentially, their ability to cope with difficult situations and events. Feminization forces men to remain in a constant state of emotional and illogical response to trauma, preventing them from moving forwards. Feminization even compels men to show an undue emotional response to events essential for self-preservation, such as eliminating enemies.

The modern feminized society’s fixation on emotional response being the only desirable behavioral response to life events is also greatly compounding the effects of PTSD, starting at a very early age. Boys are indeed shielded from the realities of life from birth. They are not allowed exposure throughout their upbringing to any event, opinion, or expression that could be construed as offensive, effectively rendering them unable to cope with normal life events, especially actual trauma. They are raised under the false belief that all is love and all is good, not only precluding them from identifying enemies and threats, but also preventing them from handling any response to such threats, such as combat against foes. Boys and later men, are also conditioned to embrace victimization status, and thus, to thrive and derive social status from nurturing any dysfunctionality, such as PTSD, preventing them from overcoming the condition. Overall, the modern conditioning of men prevents them from being able to handle life events men have always been traditionally exposed to from the dawn of time. Feminization goes against evolution and nature, and as a result, sets men for failure from the day they are born.

Men are also made to believe in the current female-driven society that their completely natural responses to trauma are side effects of PTSD, and thus the result of a stigmatizing mental condition, when in fact, their reactions are completely normal, natural and an evolutionary response essential for self-preservation and survival. Following traumatic events, it is indeed not only natural but essential to be more wary of threats, to see strangers as potentially dangerous, to crave the tribal aspect of what you experienced in your unit while rejecting the modern globalized and feminized society, and to hurt from the loss of brothers. It is not a mental condition. It is not PTSD. It is being a man who has experienced the life of a man. It is being a man who built from his experiences to better address future threats.

PTSD isn’t killing men. The neurosis of feminization spearheaded by women is. Contrary to what society claims, issues such as PTSD will not be resolved by men being more in touch with their feelings. To the contrary. As a matter of fact, the more men are coerced into abandoning their male traits and analytic nature in order to embrace instead feminization and empathic responses, the more widespread PTSD is becoming, and the more men lose their life to it.

The best way for a man to handle trauma and prevent or resolve PTSD is to awaken his ancestral primal instincts, and to embrace the evolutionary traits and characteristics that define him as a male. Because nature made men resilient to everything, including trauma. The very reason our species is still around.