Hoarding precious metal: Intrinsically Valuable

Learning financial bullshit is just that. I read about ten articles every week and the information and data provided is always the same. It supports the stance that the author is invested in. Bonds, buy them. Not in bonds, don’t buy them. Currency, this paper and graph says it will go down, this one up. All come with large explanations that literally mean nothing because only three managed funds have beaten the system in eight years on a fiscal year standard. This basically means that overall, the average investor has lost money on every investment they have ever made in the market. 

The exceptions do not count and without a system that makes trades at literally the speed of light with trillions of dollars as do the largest fund managers, you lose over time no matter what you do because people do not draw the money out. I have made some successful investments but it is touch and go. People are afraid of capital gains tax, losing money in a bank account due to inflation or currency devaluation, the possible gain of even more money on a large market fluctuation. People are nearly incapable of taking a gain in the market and just pulling it out. One small exception appears to exist. Metals. 

Although the dollar is no longer gold backed currency the value of gold goes up with near the same rate that the dollar buying power goes down. Meaning gold never really goes up in an over simplified explanation that is a little bit hyperbole, just that it maintains its value relative to the dollar. It can be manipulated but it doesn’t change much quickly. Look at a fifty year chart of gold value if you doubt, up and up steadily. Having a few thousand dollars in your savings account is just fine. Having tens of thousands of dollars in a bank account with less than a 1% interest rate is absolutely stupid. If it is liquid for your small business it is needed. If you are middle aged and just sitting on it for retirement then you are intentionally losing money every year through ignorance. Inflation is meaningless as the Fed and Banksters control the monetary value of the dollar, trade changes so fast that it really is impossible to predict and the media would have you believe that all Republican decisions will cost everyone more money which is obviously not the case, never has been and is misdirection from the disaster that is left wing policy. The value of the dollar is deliberately manipulated to squeeze every cent it can from you and failing to invest is a crime. Investing in real estate, rental properties is volatile with the housing market changes, the lack of claimable income, the swing in debt to income ratio and the inability to discriminate tenants on any meaningful level. It only adds some assets to any future credit scenarios you may need. It is a ton of work, requires you to keep large amounts of cash available for any large repairs and that money is just sitting somewhere losing value. 

Gold stays valuable and consistently gains, silver balances at near the same rate as gold. When either of them take a spike or dip they sell even better for a short period of time. It really is just hard to lose when hoarding bullion in place of a standard bank account. There are two other metals that are in that bracket but having them and trying to sell them directly is useless for the average consumer/investor. Palladium and platinum. Gold sells easier and faster to bullion based businesses, silver sells a little slower but has a better buy rate than any other commodity on eBay, when you include silver coins. I recommend buying in cash for most silver and gold but if you cannot then you cannot.

You do not need an asset account or secured storage space to keep silver and gold although you can get one at a loss unless you are trading kilo(s) of gold and tens to hundreds of kilos in silver annually. You do not need a safe if you are intelligent and know where to put it unless you have a few thousand ounces silver or a kilo of gold, in which case a safety deposit box at your local bank is just fine and makes you a smaller target for criminals that have information that they shouldn’t have. There is almost no down side to stacking/hoarding silver and gold. Get gold when you can find a good deal and avoid coins that are overpriced for the smithing and minting processes that they have undergone unless they have significance. Getting weights smaller than a single ounce of silver is basically useless, and less than a gram of gold the same. I buy ten ounce bars, if you need some cash you can sell them fairly easily and are worth near two hundred USD per bar and will steadily go up with a small dip every five to ten years. Single ounce bars and coins are fine but are easily tarnished and damaged, something that should not matter with silver but seems to do so with purchasers. 

I have no stock in any gold or silver companies, that is a silly investment for the average person and suffers from the same risks as the market investor. People do not just pull out and take the profit. Buy your metal cash, keep it safe and when you need money you can sell it quickly for the current market value. Easy as can be. No worries about the market, no worries about not being able to sell it unless the world hits apocalypse status and no one can track it unless you buy serial numbered bars with an electronic form of payment. 

No taxes on your gains, no tracking how much you have and no silly questions from governments when you sell large amounts as you have receipts to prove where the liquid cash came from. For the most part you can claim you have had it for decades, years or traded for it. Tell the IRS to eat it and be about your business. This is financial freedom and freedom is what real men are driven for. There is no alternative to being independent and self sustaining that is valuable and our desire to be individuals within successful communities assists our biological lineage survival. In a way that is consequential, we need gold and silver to be successful and history supports that claim unanimously. Work with your hands, challenge your mind, stay in shape and save your assets intelligently, not dangerously.