The Importance of Wolves


Wolves, sacred animals for us Úlfhéðnar, are subjected to persecution the world over. In Canada, wolf killing contests for cash prizes are offered in northern communities. In British Columbia and Alberta, the government is killing thousands of wolves through wolf cull programs, supposedly to protect caribou, whose dwindling numbers are in fact the result of out of control resource exploitation and loss of habitat.

This is the sad truth of the world we live in today! Each year, there are countless wolf killings hidden behind vague lies about protection of livestock and habitat. But if anyone has payed attention to the world we live in and the truth behind wolves, they will know that this approach has major consequences for the ecosystem the animals are a part of.

For example, the re-introduction of wolves in Yellowstone park saved the entire eco-system, which was in bad shape after wolves had originally been hunted to extirpation. 

Without wolves, there is no top predator to hunt deer, elk, beaver and other herbivores, and as a result of this, the population of those species thrive without contest, much like the humans do today. The results, as you may think, are devastating. 

Eventually, in 1995, after a 70 year long absence, the wolves were re-introduced, and as a result, Yellowstone park started to transform. Rivers started flowing again after the beaver population declined due to being hunted. Forests started to grow again, and the landscape became lush once more, all because the deer that once roamed free, eating every bush and leaf in its path, now had to worry about being food for the wolf. 

There is a hierarchy in nature where a meat eater has to be on top for the ecosystem and the process to work. Without this natural order, there would be no more forest or plants, and the world would be barren. 

For us, the wolf is a sacred animal that needs to be respected, left alone, and protected. We have therefore introduced the Wolf Protection Tax (WPT). If you, like us, feel governments take control over things they do not have knowledge of, then help us protect one of the most important species on the planet! Save the wolf!