Wolf Cull in Canada


Wolves, sacred animals for us Úlfhéðnar, are subjected to persecution the world over, and more particularly in countries otherwise perceived as having an excellent environmental record and inherent respect for wildlife. 

This includes British Columbia and Alberta, in Canada. 

In Northern British Columbia, the community of Fort St John recently introduced Wolf killing contests for cash prizes. In British Columbia and Alberta, the government is killing thousands of wolves through wolf cull programs, and in some instances, provincial agencies are even using Strychnine, a poison banned in the rest of the developed world.

These cull programs are supposedly designed to protect caribou populations, and to decrease livestock depredation. The reality, however, is that caribou's dwindling numbers are in fact the result of out of control resource exploitation and loss of habitat in British Columbia and Alberta. Recent research also shows that the killing of wolves actually increases livestock depredation, and that wolf removal actually wrecks havoc on the ecosystem, as recently seen in Yellowstone National Park. 

When are we going to learn, as humans, to not interfere with top predators?