Toxic Femininity

Toxic femininity is a mental illness defined by the uncontrollable and paradoxical expression of misguided and extreme feminine traits.

While the condition used to be limited to feminist circles, it has now spread to mainstream society in some areas of Southern Sweden as well as western Canada (specifically southern British Columbia), presenting a short-term threat to males and societal order.

A female suffering from toxic femininity will typically display extreme sensitivity to any outside stimulus, making her unsuitable to operate in society without constant state protection and assistance. The behavior will normally be associated with strong cognitive dissonance, resulting in the paradoxical concept that the subject’s innate gender-specific features are superior to that of males, even though the subject would not survive in a natural environment without advanced societal support, and without the very males she rejects and claims superiority to.

The subject will remain as a result in a constant state of offense and victimhood, perceiving any white male behavior as a threat or harassment, sexual or otherwise, and displaying extreme hatred for any masculine characteristic. This dysfunctional behavior will severely impede on a male’s ability to freely operate in society, and thus, ensure societal integrity.

The subject will also be defined by a misapplied expression of her nurturing instinct solely directed at those who would normally present a great threat to the subject’s very survival, cultural or otherwise, namely individuals of foreign cultures. At the same time, the subject will strongly reject the very males from her own culture who are actually ensuring her protection and survival.

As a result, the subject will tend and befriend actual rapists, killers, or radical Muslims who would have her stoned to death for merely not wearing a hijab, but will reject, by claiming victimhood and harassment, the very men of her own culture who are ensuring her actual survival.

Females displaying symptoms of toxic femininity also tend to only associate with those males who express the very feminine features they embrace, in contrast to complementary fundamental masculine traits, thereby compounding their mental condition.

Consequently, those females who suffer from toxic femininity are normally mated with beta males whose lack of masculine features will not only fail to fulfill the victim’s emotional and sexual needs, but will also exacerbate the subject’s condition.

Females suffering from toxic femininity are unsuitable for breeding, and their very reliance on complex societal, and socialist, structures for their very survival strongly suggests they are also naturally unfit for survival. Any disaster, natural or otherwise, would therefore result in the near-immediate elimination of any subject suffering from toxic femininity, thereby not affecting the survival of our species on the long term.

In the meantime, however, toxic femininity is precluding males from maintaining societal order and structures, and is a threat to western civilization. If left unaddressed, toxic femininity will unavoidably lead to war and chaos, and ultimately societal collapse.