Women Can't Be Men

We previously outlined the main biological differences between men and women, making women unsuitable for combat. We also showed women inadequacy in a military environment as demonstrated by a U.S. Marine Corps study, and we debunked the Shield Maiden myth

We further outlined the fact gender is not a social construct, but purely biological as best explained in the 2011 NRK (Norwegian National TV) documentary titled "Gender Equality Paradox". 

Now, the most extensive research to date on the human brain, Sex Differences in the Adult Human Brain: Evidence from 5216 UK Biobank Participants, involving an unprecedented number of universities*, establishes that the brain of men and women are in fact different. This was a given, but this latest research now eliminates any doubt.

At this point, based on overwhelming facts and evidence, any claim that men and women are equal, or that gender is a social construct, remains in the realm of mental illness.


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