Evolutionary Correction of Liberal Beliefs

Why the abortion, LGBT suicide and domestic violence rates are a positive biological response to an unnatural lifestyle. 

As many people fail to look past the PC agenda in the media I wanted to give you an alternative point of view, sources, and a basic understanding of the predictable outcome of the liberal gender identity madness. Most people only know that the left is pushing identity politics but have no understanding of just how unhealthy it is. The media will push one story of a successful immigrant, usually a legal immigrant and then proceed to tell us how all thirty million illegals are great people and good for the economy. We know that is bullshit. Highlighting that the media frames an opinion in such a way that they attempt to hide the truth behind rage bait stories and propaganda let us take a quick look at the alternative lifestyle of the progressive left. What many readers do not know is the sad and horrible truth of what being a part of the progressive community costs on an evolutionary time table. 

Lesbian partners are reporting a 90% psychological abuse rate, that is right, 90%. Which seems to suggest that women think every thing they disagree with is psychological abuse. 

A 50% rate of sexual abuse(until I read that study I didn't really know that was a thing among lesbian partners) by lesbian partners. This seems like an unlikely number for rape or molestation but none of the studies were clear on what constituted sexual abuse. I have to say that this also indicates that any type of unwanted touching is considered sexual abuse by women. 

A 37% rate of physical abuse (slapping, punching, kicking onto the more violent forms of psychical abuse). This is the number that is frightening. This is a clearly labeled category. There was no room for misunderstandings when reporting these incidents. Sample sizes for these studies and surveys vary from 50-2000 subjects over a period of twenty six years. The exact data may have changed in small proportions in either direction. Also, finding current, this or last year's data seems to be overly difficult, as though the results for the searches are being manipulated. 

I opened a few dozen studies from professors, social workers and psychologists that have made careers out of studying same sex relationships, added up the numbers to get an average. The results, as you can see are not good. Women are 14 times more likely to commit spousal abuse in a same sex relationship than a man in a hetero relationship. Men are painted as the demons of relationships by feminists and the left but even among hetero partners, the woman is 3 times as likely to commit spousal abuse in all forms. Women living in lesbian relationships struggle with dominance and according to the consensus of experts is the reason for such high rates of violence and abuse. Which of the women is dominant can change, is often contested and the position is guarded with extreme jealousy. This leads to a more primal form of control, violence. I could go on but I do want to touch another two subjects and I do not want you to get bored and move on before hearing me out. 

Transgender suicide. The general consensus, even in the liberal media is that 40% of trans people commit and attempt suicide and it is still a growing rate, particularly among teen and adolescent youth. They try to cite bullying as the cause but as we know, progressives live in a world so protected from outside facts and opinion that this is an impossible cause. Depression is chemical. When your internal chemical balance is off too far, depression is severe, lethal. This is a known fact in all of the psych business. Until it comes to trans people. If the psychologist was honest with the trans folk about their lifestyle they would walk out the door and never come back. Lying keeps them in business treating people who will never overcome such a chemical imbalance and who require more treatment than any other subgroup. The imbalance is deliberate. They alter their hormones to such an extent that the body attempts to change its natural form. The success of that change is individual. What does not change is the brain. Our brains are wired for male or female. Male brains develop differently than the female brain, common knowledge. When a female adjusts her hormones to more resemble a man, they go through extreme distress in the brain and vice versa. Ever heard of “roid rage” in the body building world? This is essentially what happens to women that are taking testosterone to be more male like, also contributes to the high abuse rate in lesbian couples(but is not the cause). Men who change their hormones lose testosterone and become physically more like a woman but are still chemically a man. The brain suffers. It struggles against the state it is in and attempts to force you to change your actions to correct the problem with depression. Depression in an over simplified explanation is that you receive negative stimuli for your actions as a warning to change. Fighting that much evolutionary programming is not a battle they are going to win over any period of time longer than a few years. When the brain can take no more of the mental stress it has willfully been put under, it attempts to relieve it through suicide. 

Resilience is lost among newer generations of liberals, which is why we call them snowflakes. They are weak and fragile, emotionally, physically and mentally. They cannot handle the stress of adulthood, responsibility, finances, having children, having to work for things they want and above all being challenged in their illogical and radical belief systems that are more often than not contradictory. Add in changing your biological being and you have the perfect recipe for suicide. It is not some big mystery, life is correcting them with its evolutionary mechanisms. If you are unhealthy or unworthy, nature tends to breed you out. It does not usually happen in a single generation but it also does not take thousands of years for weak genetics to disappear. What we are witnessing is nature correcting the problem. Abortion is part of this correction. It is a strange, cruel and new way of nature correction but has the same result. Members of the progressive movement are too mentally weak, unstable and genetically unhealthy to survive for thousands of years. This problem will no doubt continue to develop higher rates of suicide and even higher rates of domestic violence as more people are growing up with the social pressure in liberal places to be non binary in gender and sexuality. All to the good for those of us who cringe at such stupid choices. 

You cannot make such dramatic and rapid changes to evolution and expect it to succeed. That is not how procreation works, not how society works and certainly not how sane people work. Homosexuality will continue, that is not so unnatural that it precludes all reproduction and many are not any more or less unstable than any normie, some are very intelligent, seemingly at the same rate as any heterosexual and have more value to me than many straight folks. My conclusion is that evolution is doing what is required to protect the future of the human race. in regards to the LGBT community. There are hundreds of thousands of years in just our DNA that is willing itself to survive. Those that are unable to meet nature's breeding requirements are suffering the predictable response of society. Thank you for reading. I try to keep my writings short, to the point and without terms and discourse that people are often unaware of or are turned away by reading. Here is the list of sources I used when getting the numbers you saw earlier. I used more sources than this but sources are boring and if you really want you can go to the CDC website that make annual reports of sexuality, domestic violence and has long lists of source material that you can go through yourself if you like. 

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For a full list of sources, see the internet and stop being lazy.