Women in Space?

We have known for quite some time now that women are better at everything. Vikings were women keeping men as house husbands while busy protesting with Muslims for social justice . Women built western civilization with their blood and sweat, while fighting oppression from the patriarchy. Women won wars with their superior biology and pre-disposition for combat. Women are far more bad ass than men, and superior to men in all aspect of life and evolution.

Yes, the very same superior women who can’t handle a difference of opinion without long lasting psychological damage. The same superior women who are, somehow, raped by a man, inherently weaker of course, looking at them (even if he is thinking that, in comparison, and Icelandic sheep seems to be the better option). The very same women who are so threatened by men, knowing, deep inside, that their attempts at being a man will invariably be an epic fail, that they are not institutionalizing castration of boys as young as 3, under the ludicrous and non-biological concept of gender identity. Something some abhorrently appalling that it will be seen by history as a crime against humanity.

Well, these same women, being better than men at literally everything, are also, apparently, better than men even in space! And the patriarchy keeping them away from space needs to pay for their oppression so far, keeping these superior being away from space.

Apparently, the recent rhetoric is that women are more suited for space travel due to ocular space behind the eye for the impending swelling of fluids… Besides this being biologically incorrect, it fails to point out other reasons that make women unsuitable for space travel, like many other things men are better biologically designed for. This includes much lower tolerance to G force, of course, psychological profile (do we need a crew to argue about which tube to pee in, or to welcome potentially deadly new viral or bacterial life forms in the name of diversity?), but also their vagina.

Yes. Their vagina. It turns out that while a penis doesn’t need gravity to properly function and operate, a vagina does. At issue are periods… Contrary to current liberal and now popular belief, menstrual fluids are, well, a biohazard, made of cervical mucus, vaginal secretions, and endometrial tissue. Without gravity, this bodily waste cannot leech out the female uterine lining properly. Meaning old blood and bacteria remains trapped in the body, eventually leading to toxic shock…

But hey, women are superior to men, even for space travel!