Women Achievements


Feminists in western countries have embarked on a crusade to establish superiority to men, whom, according to them, have only caused society patriarchal grief. These women, through their vagina rather than actual skills and qualifications, have achieved prominent roles in government, business, and education. But what have women actually contributed to society in recent history? Let's just review the current state of affairs in the western world.


Universities now solely cater to women and no longer promote learning and the exchange of ideas. Instead, they have become centers for the oppression of men and for the elimination of any idea that could remotely be deemed offensive by any woman or any minority of their liking. 

All traditional male skills and characteristics, a fundamental pillar of our western civilization, are now deemed "toxic masculinity", are stigmatized, and systematically eliminated.

Relationships between males and females are in shambles, with any man having any type of contact (sexual or not) with a female risking to be jailed and categorized as a sex offender for the rest of his life.

The ridiculous positive body image concept, introduced by fat women, has completely normalized obesity which is now an epidemic in most developed nations.  

The military has become a breeding ground for hypersensitivity at the cost of being unable to perform its purpose of national defense.


Europe is on the verge of implosion following the illegal opening of borders to several millions migrants by Angela Merkel, and the promotion of utopic concepts of multiculturalism by Sweden's female so-called leaders.

The national security of Norway is in question after the partial disarming of troops near the Russian border, and the disbanding of coastal special operation units, all under the leadership (or lack thereof) of Erna Solberg.

America reached a new low in the Benghazi fiasco at the hands of Hillary Clinton.

Brazil is on the verge of economic collapse after having been driven into the ground by Dilma Rousseff. 

Business & Environment

The western world experienced the worst economic crisis in a century, and has yet to recover. Social inequalities are at unprecedented levels never previously seen since the industrial revolution. At least 50,000 veterans live on the streets in the United States. 

In only a decade, over 10% of the world wildernesses have been destroyed. Wildlife species are disappearing faster than ever before in history. Even water, an essential resource for humans, is now in the hand of large corporations.

Contributions by Men

What have men achieved throughout history you may ask? For starts, we have built and protected our civilization... currently being pushed to the verge of collapse by neofeminism and regressive liberalism. So, do we need more women achievements at this point?