Kristinn Haukur Guðnason: We challenge you to a hólmganga

Kristinn Haukur Guðnason falsely accused NORSKK, in bad faith and without any basis or investigation whatsoever, of running a scam in Iceland.

Communications with NORSKK, shown at the end of this article, seems to demonstrate Kristinn's appalling lack of journalistic skills and objectivity, as well as the fact he had simply decided to defame NORSKK no matter what. 

His motives are unclear. Kristinn Haukur Guðnason is believed to have been turned down for sex by a NORSKK member, whose gifted -and coveted- endowment is the theme of quite a popular T-shirt. Kristinn's reference to photographs of shirtless males as pornography, while he appears to be actively seeking homosexual sex, may also be an indication of sexual repression, making the handling of rejection difficult for him, and prompting him to retaliate in any way he could, no matter how cowardly. Alternatively, Kristinn could simply be your average liberal gone regressive and fascist, who feels compelled to eliminate and discredit any disagreeable opinion. Based on death threats we received about our article debunking the shield maiden myth, he could also have been triggered by our position, the horror, that there was no such thing as female Viking warriors.

Nevertheless, a man should take responsibility for his actions, and for insulting NORSKK, for knowingly lying, as well as for defaming the organization.

As a result, we are challenging you, Kristinn Haukur Guðnason, from our current location today in Finland, to a hólmganga, to take place in Pechengsky district (Russia). Kristinn Haukur Guðnason, you can now take the necessary steps at to honor our challenge. We would have much preferred to have this hólmganga take place in Iceland. Unfortunately, Icelanders have gone a long way since the Viking age, and this traditional and very efficient type of conflict resolution is no longer legal in Iceland.

If you, Kristinn Haukur Guðnason, do not accept our challenge, you are facing civil and criminal action in Iceland and other countries for defamatory libel. As a reminder, defamation remains a criminal offense in Iceland, under Art. 235 of the Icelandic Criminal Code. Under Art. 27 of Icelandic Media Law, you are also facing proceedings with Fjölmiðlanefnd (Icelandic Media Commission) for your latent homophobic comments and your apparent hatred, quite peculiar under the circumstances, of men.

While you ponder your options, we kindly suggest you consider our newest T-shirt specifically designed for our haters. It comes in 5XL so you can get a nice fit that will compliment your curves, allowing you to hit the gay bars and back alleys in style!

Communications between Kristinn Haukur Guðnason and NORSKK


Email from Kristinn Haukur Guðnason using a fake name