CBC Destroys Canadian Identity


I remember my first experience with the CBC over two decades ago. I was so North that it was actually too much north to see northern lights. There was only one TV station and one radio station: CBC North.

TV Programing was all about the Canadian north, the pioneer spirit, the wilderness... There were documentaries from the National Film Board about wolves, caribou and the Arctic. About life in the North and in Canada. About what it meant to be Canadian. I could actually relate to the programing and feel a connection and sense of community. News were objective and factual.

CBC radio included programming such as the Vinyl Cafe or the Debaters, providing endless hours of laughter during the never ending rides and flights across the north. With stories anyone in Canada or in the North could relate to. Reporters dared ask the right questions, and guests were compelled to actually respond to queries. 

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation was Canadian and promoted Canadian culture and identity.

Fast track two decades and the CBC is now a regressive liberal propaganda machine whose only goal appears to annihilate Canadian identity and eliminate the white male from Canadian heritage and history.

TV programming is now all about the glorification of foreign cultural individualism with shows idealizing migrants and their rejection of their host country's culture. News have become essentially fake news, with never ending and relentless attacks on Trump with no objectivity whatsoever. Those shows that do not promote multiculturalism invariably demean men, especially if they are white, while promoting vagina, especially if non-white, at any cost.

Radio programing is even worse. Participants in the "Debaters" are no longer selected based on their humor and skills, but instead on their non-male gender and non-whiteness. Gone are Canadian males who were amazingly skilled in getting us to laugh so hard. It is now Muslim, Indian and African women or transgenders, with no talent whatsoever, and who invariably slam the white man, while passively-aggressively whining about their host country and shoving their culture or mental illness down our throats. Their rants (it is no longer stand up comedy) no longer have any humoristic value. Audience laughs because it is good virtue signaling, but there is no longer anything to laugh about. A normal human reaction would actually to cry in despair.

CBC Radio hosts are also selected based on their non-male gender and non-whiteness, with resulting various useless shows talking about, who gives a fuck, their life in their home country and their own culture, something no Canadian gives a shit about. It is also all about feminism, victimization, and oppression. Complaining incessantly about white privilege, and you guessed it, the white male, while completely re-writing Canadian history, going as far as claiming that cities such as Victoria BC were founded by... black people!

Guests are primarily females, whose vocal fries make them completely unintelligible, probably a blessing as hosts rarely ask relevant questions, and when they do, these women will invariably thank them for the question, praise them about how great the question is, and continue with whatever rant they were on, completely unrelated to the question. The few males who make it to interviews or any shows must all meet one condition: To be completely emasculated cucks required as a condition for their participation to condemn in the strongest terms anything that relates to masculinity or being white.

CBC has become cancer in just over two decades. The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation has turned into the Cunts Broadcasting Cunts. With one ultimate goal: To erase from history the very Canadians (white males primarily) who built the country, and to replace them with a mixed post of cancerous feminized multiculturalism that specifically excludes the white male and any quality or characteristic essential in building Canada. 

Merely listening to CBC is now a source of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder more than any combat experience over the years.