Unto deserved end


The death penalty. A finality known to those most disgusting specimens of our species. Many today argue against it. Those individuals, perhaps ignorant of its import, are as children. A childish innocence still intact at adulthood can have benefits for the person in question, but to let them argue policy? Let them first know the brutal truth, a truth known to all who realise why the death sentence is a requirement for society.

It is a reward won by a select few in society. Child rapists, those fiendish predators who would destroy the minds and bodies of the young. Multiple murderers, those who gain twisted satisfaction from the repeated taking of life, cowards in all aspects of life. Those who target the people trusted to keep society safe, doing their utmost to kill police or government workers.

They are degenerates, and to rehabilitate them is not something any reasonable human could consider an option. They have crossed a line from which there can be no return, and their death does not serve only as punishment for the scum who earn it through gross action. It is to place a marker upon the road towards dishonour. It states, boldly and with purpose, the ultimate reward in store for those who walk onwards.

There are many cases made against the death penalty by its opponents. The substantial cost to get someone through all the appeals etc. is one of the most common ones. The chance of making a mistake is also often heard, and those children amongst us who would rather criminals receive rehabilitation are also a loud segment of civilisation.

I would address all three of these points with the one answer. When someone is executed, it is because their actions are so grossly offensive to society that their very presence amongst the general population is no longer deserved, and that their death may serve two masters. The ultimate guarantee that no offence can be recommitted, and that all will know the reward for those who would step beyond the confines of honourable society.

The death penalty goes beyond mere punishment and example as well. It has a final aspect, one enjoyed by those left grieving in the wake of its cause. It serves as terrible retribution. It is a primal and dark satisfaction that true justice has been served. Not justice as the country would demand it. It is an animal like justice, and something that calls to all who have reason to see the death penalty carried out.

If you currently live in the bubble afforded you by virtue of never having had to know such circumstances, congratulations. You live a blessed life. May you never have cause to cry for it. But in your bubble, do not also call for its abolition. For the world is a dark place, with violence and terror in store for many.

To those despicable humans who do step beyond society, they step forwards unto deserved end, and upon their shoulders shall fall the weight of it.