The Last Flight

It is 20h30, and BA 768 just touched down in Oslo. On time for a change, but credit probably lays with Norwegian efficiency and not with the Brits. This was our last flight on British Airways, marking the end of a long relationship with the carrier that span the course of two decades. 

Many years ago, we were reporting about how nice it was to be finding ourselves on a British Airways plane after an operation in Africa. Today, we are writing about the misery and ordeal of air travel with British Airways. What used to be one of the world's best airlines turned into a third world carrier over only a few years, with the most marked changes taking place within the last 5 years.

What happened? What is to blame? In a nutshell: Diversity.

Like most British companies, and increasingly most companies in the Commonwealth and now the western world, hiring at British Airways is no longer based on merit and suitability, but gender (female) and skin color (non-white).  So British Airways slowly replaced a qualified, primarily white male work force, with women and ethnic "minorities" (which ironically actually now make up the population majority in urban centers such as London).

The women now at British Airways overall only have their vagina as qualifications, and with it comes a need to feminize everything they come in contact with, including nurturing a culture of offense and victimization absolutely incompatible with a service industry. At the same time, the now ethnic work for is bringing their third would country's culture to a western carrier and country, and the results are not pretty.

The first contact with British Airways does set the tone for what is to come, though, so the typical experience with the airline should no longer come as a surprise. Any call to the carrier is indeed now routed to some call center in India, where the average agent cannot even speak English properly.

Upon arriving at a lounge, you will first notice the curry smell. That unbearable smell of ethnic food that you would expect in the slums of India but not in the United Kingdom. This is because majority of food offerings now at Heathrow and Gatwick are inedible Indian fare. The ever so traditional English afternoon tea is now gone. Even from the Concorde lounge, replaced by rice (overcooked, even this they can't do right) and yet another variation of some curry.

Next, you will notice that 9 out of 10 staff members are not white. You will also note that they typically stand in small groups gossiping in their foreign language, and not doing their job, while you endlessly wait in line. Typical of what you would expect in India, Pakistan, or the Middle East. 

With third world country people come third world country standards. You cannot reasonably have spent your life raised in a slum or some other shit hole, and suddenly develop standards and a culture consistent with those of western countries (traditionally). This translates to not only poor work ethics, but also horrendous hygiene standards, with British Airways facilities, from lounges, seats, washrooms, showers and even planes, simply being absolutely filthy. Let's all remember a few of us got crabs on a BA flight a few months ago. 

Planes are also completely run down, consistent with what is to be expected of African and other developing countries' carrier, as we discussed in a previous article, The Fall of the British Empire. There is also no escaping value signaling once on board. From constant harassment to feed starving children in Africa with whatever cash we have on us, to the promotion of shit holes such as Ouagadougou as the next start up capital of the world, to "entertainment" featuring anything that isn't white following BA decision that women of color are under-represented in the media (but certainly not within British Airways).

Feminization of the work force also means that a culture of offense and victimization is now prevalent. As a white male, you can never be right, no matter how much female staff harass you or err in their judgement or handling of any situation. This is how you end up kicked out of an aircraft because you don't want to be downgraded to coach because a Muslim woman claims it is against her religion to sit next to a man, how you are denied boarding because another female staff claims you looked at her the wrong way (literally), how you get downgraded, or wait years for a refund, or better yet, how you get physically assaulted by a hysterical female staff member with no consequences to her. In all cases, no escalation ever resulted in any resolution. Males versus females. We all know how it ends. 

In addition, the airline's management knows damn well that their work force is now merely a a bunch of incompetent idiots occupying a safe space. But in this day and age, as long as an organization is deemed inclusive, nothing else matters. This loss of trust from management to staff means the agents no longer have any power whatsoever to resolve any issue on the spot, leaving personnel with one last power: That of harassing passengers, with the blessing of management which doesn't want their feminized and victimized employees to claim they are being "abused" by passengers.

Of course, one cannot talk about the misery of flying British Airways without bringing up London Airports... So poorly designed, even the new Heathrow T5 Terminal, that you wonder if a monkey wasn't in charge of the projects. I guess this is what happens when the actual British are either no longer in charge or have completely lost their mind to the regressive liberal cancer. Transiting through London means walking for hours between Heathrow terminals in unbearable heat (only third would country people are used to). If you are lucky. If you are not, it means transferring between Gatwick and Heathrow, either in a sauna on wheel (bus with no air conditioning and no opening windows), or by taking a combination of 4 trains/subway over the courses of several hours (counting waiting in line for tickets) for a cost of $70...

From start to finish, flying British Airways simply has become an ordeal, and an experience not that different from flying Air Algeria or RwandAir.

I guess we can call this another type of cultural enrichment.

Note: Ironically, the "meal" served on the flight to Oslo wasn't ethnic. But it wasn't a meal either... Because, yeah, this is not the appetizer, this is the whole thing.