The Impotence of Rage

What can we as men do when anger comes upon us. When life takes such a turn as to create a red hot, blinding rage, that obscures all else. If you have ever had a family member who has experienced a sexual assault, with no assailant to hold accountable, you would be familiar with this sort of anger. 

And what can we do with anger like this? A rage so thick that if almost chokes you. It is difficult to utilise because when we as men get angry, we become a target of modern society, regardless of the righteousness of our cause. To become a vigilante, and seek justice from those who have wronged you would very likely carry more punishment for you than what would befall he who had caused insult. 

To maintain that anger, and carry it on the outside of ourselves, would also blowback onto us. By being a force of rage and anger, you become an obvious threat to many of the weaker individuals amongst us, causing them to feel more than uncomfortable. You would have complaint after complaint made against you, to a point where you would inevitably snap, and again, face repercussions for being an actual man. 

I propose that the way to utilise this anger, (and indeed, the way to succeed in life as a man) is to embrace it, and fully allow it to become part of who you are. You must refine it. An incandescent red fog does nothing but distract. You must channel your instincts, and hone your aggression into a white hot point, ready to draw on whenever you need it. Being a real man is being ready and able to draw upon a vast reserve of inner anger and strength. 

If you find yourself in a situation where you have more fuel added to the fire, it becomes ever more important to focus that heat even more. If you are stuck, unable to deliver righteous vengeance upon those who have wronged you, you must channel it, and be ready to make full use of it, when the chance does eventually present itself. 

When you have this inner primal power close to hand, you are more useful to your tribe, and better able to take care of your own. “Tutum te robore reddam – I will give you safety by strength” is something you should be able to say to those in your life to whom you have a duty to protect. And strength stems from being able to focus your emotions and anger into a single point, ready whenever you need it. 

Your anger is part of your power, and you have a duty to those around you to be as powerful as you can be. Focus, and refine that anger.