Military Vagina Privilege

You women need to understand the very and sole basis of your presence in the military: vagina privilege. 

Compared to men, your fitness standards are a disgrace and absolutely inadequate. In the U.S. Army, you are only required to perform a minimum of 19 push ups, while us males (together with our privilege) are required to perform a minimum of 42. Yup, That’s more than double. In the Norwegian forces, a good score for men is achieved with 45 push ups. Women? Only 26. 

Studies after studies have shown that you suck at everything military. You sustain significantly higher injury rates than men, you are less accurate with infantry weapons, and you have more difficulty moving wounded troops off the battlefield. A recent study by the U.S. Marine Corps Ground Combat Element Integrated Task Force has even found that the best performing females were still worse than the worst performing males.  

Your constant whining about being bullied, disrespected, abused, sexually harassed, assaulted, and otherwise victimized, only serves to further establish you do not have the emotional and psychological hardiness, or the fortitude required of the lowest level warrior. Might be news to you, but our enemies do not provide safe spaces for pussies (literally). Not to mention that you don’t win wars by playing the victim.

Furthermore, you should remember that the only reason you exist is because of us men and our testosterone fighting wars since the beginning of time. Your fixation on wanting to emasculate us and turn us into you shows that you don’t even understand the purpose of a military.

Ironically, you are claiming equality to us men as the very reason for your presence in the military. Yet, you are continuously claiming to be a victim of men, systematically wasting spare military resources demanding more rules and regulations to be protected from our so-called “toxic masculinity”. 

So yes, you are among us warriors because of your vagina. Not because of your skills, not because of your performance. Not because of your suitability as a soldier. 

You do not belong in the military outside of support roles, and no “sensitivity” training or law will ever change that fact.