Counterproductive Combat


Every battle we wage either outside of the boundaries of our nations, or outside of the public eye, appears to only serve to shield the masses from the realities of life, while reinforcing their ill fated perception that the world is a big happy and safe place.

When we prevent an attack on our own soil, or resolve conflicts in far away lands, and in doing so shield our citizens from hostile acts, duress, death, or overall hard times, we reinforce their false views that we live in a period of good times. This grants people justification to make luxury decisions based on emotional and utopian self-righteous concepts, undermining in the process the very foundations of our western civilization.

The disconnect between the factual threats our western civilization faces, inherent to human nature and as experienced by front line military personnel, and the world views shared by an emotional population that has lost all aspects of our species' self-conservation instinct, is simply killing western society.

When a military is seen as essential to protect a country and its people against actual threats, it isn't used for social inclusion at a catastrophic cost to operational readiness and efficiency. Similarly, when a religion is seen for what it is, a toxic political ideology, it is not welcome across open borders. 

Simply put, when the populace is exposed to, and aware of, actual threats, it does not seek to eliminate its first and only line of protection, namely the very men who will protect them. It does not seek to stigmatize fundamental male traits and characteristics that have allowed the survival of our species for hundreds of thousands of years.

In engaging in combat for the very purpose of protecting our own, we therefore only seem to enable the emasculation of men, and ultimately, the downfall of our civilization. 

In performing our duty, we may be dooming the very civilization we were entrusted to protect.