Natural Selection


The traits and characteristics that define us as males have ensured the survival of our species for over 200,000 years.

Our analytic skills detected perils, and our natural aggression eliminated threats. Our upper body strength allowed us to build shelters, to fight enemies, and to feed our families. Our competitive spirit compelled us to constantly improve ourselves. Our fortitude allowed us to brave the elements and to settle the harshest environments on earth. Our loyalty led us to build tribes, community, and ultimately, modern civilization.

Yet, these biologically driven attributes that characterize us as males are systematically stigmatized and rejected by modern society. A blending of the genders, as well as societal and social conditioning, have resulted in systemic emasculation and oppression of males.

Males today are encouraged to feel rather than think, and to embrace enemies. Obesity is glorified, while fitness is actually denounced, and manual skills have been largely forgotten. Competitiveness has been replaced with mediocrity. Complacency is the new fortitude, and loyalty has given place to entitlement and systemic disrespect.

These highly undesirable and unnatural traits are only made temporarily possible in an artificial regressive liberal society. When our currently unsustainable and utopian civilization based on a culture of offense and emasculation fails, however, because it unavoidably will, who is going to survive? Weak obese feminist trophy holders and special snow flakes who cannot bear mere exposure to a word they deem offensive, and who are not even certain of their gender? Unlikely.  

Emasculation of males, from an evolutionary perspective, simply is not sustainable. If our species is to survive, natural selection shall eventually take its course.