You're a warrior. Upon returning home from deployment, you realize you don't fit in, you are isolated, you feel depressed, and you are apparently more aggressive than people around you. Shortly afterward, you are diagnosed with PTSD. You get counseling, and you are medicated, categorized, and ultimately, victimized.

But is it necessarily PTSD?

Our modern society is increasingly defined by regressive liberalism. The intact male, and the very fundamental characteristics that define us as males, are systematically stigmatized. Traditional and essential skills, such as the ability to hunt or fight, are now denounced as "toxic masculinity". Men and masculinity have become enemy of society, and as a result, enemy of the state. Even the very male gender is now under threat. The ludicrous concept that gender is a social construct now encourages boys in the public school system, and from a very early age, to identify with the opposite gender, or some sort of neutral gender. Characteristics inherent and innate to males are simply being eliminated, with the definition of aggression having devolved from an actual physical conflict, to mere exposure to a different idea that could potentially be deemed offensive. Ultimately, males in our society are being turned into total pussies.

So, when an actual warrior, who followed his innate calling and demonstrated fundamental male skills by fighting for his bros and what he believes in, is reintroduced to a society of pussies who have lost all the traditional characteristics of males (except for allegedly still having a dick), clashes occur. Sure enough, said warrior is also quickly made to believe his difficulties adapting to this new societal order means there is something wrong with him. He soon gets further isolated, convinced he is broken, and of course victimized, because it is current's society highest aspiration.

But the warrior is not broken. Society is. The warrior has maintained the very essence of what makes him a man. Society, on the other end, has lost its way. What modern culture refers to as some sort of PTSD, or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, may simply be an acute case of PMRLD, or Post-Military Regressive Liberal Disorder.